There was a temporary issue with your request

Anyone else having the issues when searching for a game of any kind, it just says “THERE WAS A TEMPORARY PROBLEM WITH YOUR REQUEST”


Yes me too I am having the same problems Ranked is not available and unranked wont work?


Hello Dynamic and RomeoPUA!

The error “There was a temporary problem with your request. Please try again” usually indicates a network related issue, in most cases however it’s something that fixes itself automatically within a short time.

If the problem persists, there are a couple of steps that can help with the resolution:

Other reports we recently had about this error has been either resolved via the above or got fixed “automagically” within a short time, crossing fingers the same will apply to your situation as well! :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me, you were right!

its all working fine now :slight_smile:

I also have the same problem for about 2 days (24.dec.2020)


Yeah same here cant create any costum games at all.
The only thing i can do right now is play the campaign everytime i try to create a game it gives me the error:“there was a temporary issue with your request”

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same issue here.
it’s been going on for a few days

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See here for some answers (no solutions yet :frowning: ):

can’t create lobbies for most games, can’t join, can’t auto-join. fix your stuff blizzard. everybody is pissed.


Same issue. Issue started on Dec 22nd for me. was fine on the 23rd, but has been a problem since. havent been able to play a game. Weirdly, my gf can play just fine. same network. this is definitely an issue on Blizz end.

This issue began 22/ 23 december; no Melee (+mods), no arcade games.
How temporary will it last? Please Blizzard; will you make an announcement what seems to be the problem? I’m missing my favourite game plays.

Same issue here. Non of the above solutions help. Please resolve problem.

Yep I started getting this issue a couple days ago as well. With it being the holidays though I expect they would work on it probably next week.

Same issue here. It’s either “there was a temporary problem with your request” or “global timeout”. I can’t create forums, or join forums… basically I can only play the game alone. Very disappointed.

hEy man This is sTill an Issue maybe You could Fix your shit.

Same here, have had the error for 48 hrs, anything NEW?

Issue is still there. Fix SC2 servers.


Same issue for me since the end of December, 2020.


3 january 2021 this error continues [THERE WAS A TEMPORARY PROBLEM WITH YOUR REQUEST] or eror global timeout . I can’t enter lobby


Same thing here its been like this since december