Unit response sounds lower FPS ingame


I have the strangest issue in Starcraft 2. I have noticed a problem while playing that the game is not as smooth as it should be, but I wasn’t sure if I am seeing things or not. Today I was able to replicate the problem and now I know that repeatedly changing between groups (1234;1234;1234, you know) causing unit respond sounds significantly slows down my game and my FPS drop low. The game runs perfectly smooth in big fights, high unit count if only I am not using control groups at all or I have sound disabled/unit response sound disabled. I have tried a lot of things but nothing worked. While this issue is barely noticable in the earlygame, in the later stages this gets unplayable.

After failing with disabling every audio device, reconnecting headphones, toying around with the audio settings I couldn’t find any solution. In the end I have decided to completly reinstall Windows 10 from the scratch and after downloading Starcraft 2 again, the issue still persists. Please help me find a solution so I can play my beloved game.

To help you ilustrate the issue:

  • Sound disabled, spamming hotkeyes = no changes to the FPS

  • Sound enabled, spamming hotkeyes = FPS drop, you can feel small stutters ingame

-Sound enabled, not spamming hotkeyes = no changes to the FPS.

I have gifs, but I can’t post links in here. I wanted to post DxDiag here immediately but then it says my post is too long.
You can find my DxDiag on pastebin dot com / NqWCdkxB

To save us time before you suggest me to turn it off, I have already disabled all windows “capture in the background”, Xbox game bar and game modes settings. This didn’t fix the issue.

I hope you can help,

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Did you check your window build?
If you have window 10 build 20H1 or 20H2
Response sound fps drop will continue.

So roll back your windows10 to build 1909.

I was suffering like you
But roll backed to build 1909, response sounds stuttering has gone.