Using my classic Brood War cd key to play Starcraft now?

Hello. I own the Starcraft and Brood War old cd’s with my original cd key, and I’d love to use it in the app to be able to play the game again! My game is from 2005 or 2006. I did the same with my Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction a few months ago and it works perfect, but sadly it’s not working this time for SC! I need this nostalgia shot! Please and thanks a lot for reading!

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Starcraft 1’s campaign at the very least is free to play and I belive the old multiplayer system of manually setting up matches, the updated graphics and automated ladder where you queue and match with players are whats pricetagged.

If you want the old graphics and campaign then you can simply install the game for free in the Battlenet browser without adding any keys to your account.

Hey Mochilo

You don’t need your old CD or CD Key to play Brood War, you can grab a free download of it listed as StarCraft Anthology on our website here

Like Likkan mentioned, certain features like Matchmaking and Leaderboards, are only available in StarCraft Remastered

The Download Version of Starcraft Classic seems to be removed from the Site. Doesn’t Blizzard provide the Game any longer, or is this a Mistake?

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