When I log out I keep getting auto logged back in without having the option to switch accounts


I have an issue where I can’t choose which account to log into while in game, it comes up with “authentication” and keeps poping up when i press cancel causing me to login without typing my email and password in for another account.

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The only way to change accounts is to change the login on the Battle.net App, so you’d need to exit the game, then log out in the App, login within the account you wish to use then click play.

If looking to change the region you do this in the App as well by using the “Regions” menu above play, it’s the Globe symbol.

Hey, I’m having the same issue - if you press ‘logout’ whilst in game, it automatically logs back into a particular account i.e. not the account you were just logged in on.

That is, even if I log in to another account via BNET (which as you said, does work) when I press logout it will log me back into the particular account again (not the same one I’d have just logged in to via BNET).

Since this would lead to the situation where you can log into someone else’s account without knowing the password to that account, this is a security concern and so assumedly not intentional. Especially if this kind of thing were to happen at a LAN!

Please let me know if there’s a fix. Scan & repair and reinstalling didn’t help.