Restoration druid t8 4p set is still bugged after fix attempt

Rejuv still doesn’t heal for the proper amount.
According to WOTLK reference for patch 3.2.2; druids were sticking to Tier 8 instead of picking up Tier 9, so the devs at that time reduced Rejuvs instant heal by 50%.
This is NOT supposed to be in effect until the next phase (P3: Call of the Crusade).

This still needs to be fixed.

Blizzard, this is not fair


We’re using the Balance and item power from 3.3.5 unless specific changes for Classic are made.

Yep because it’s 3.3.5, the set is nerfed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other tier sets that are currently in a nerfed state, or had their effect completely removed and replaced by flat crit chance

All classes are on icc patch. Its scuffed atm

Sorry but is it not 3.3.5 anymore they changed hundreds of things, bufed classes and nurfed others.
This argument doesn’t stand anymore.

You said it yourself. This is not even 3.3.5, it’s 3.4.1. Everything that was before (incl. 3.2.2. design) is a long forgotten past and doesn’t stand anymore.

bumping this agian

Next phase launches in a month or so, they won’t bother fixing it now.

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