1.8k+ R.Io M+ pushing grp are now recruting

1.8k+ RIo M+ pushing grp are now recruting a good resto druid or Mistweaver Monk, and a good balance druid to push even higher.
We ask for roughly same score.

Add me on Balt#2679 for a chat if interested.

Set up a team and profile on wowprogress as well and advertise on there too.

If you’ve done this already, all the best :four_leaf_clover:

Healer balance showcased right here.

Better nerf disc priests.


Also recruiting for my alt rbg team. Please be atleast 3K Arena Rating

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Reported for putting this in general discussion.

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Snitches get stitches

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Fake reports are bad for the person fake reporting. General means general which includes recruitment.


Do you recruit fat gays ?

We also might be interested in a good mage.

Also for others who want to recruit for pvp, their own team etc, create your own post plz

No really it doesnt recruiting for players has there own forum

and forums they can post in

GD is meant for anything apart from recruitment spam .

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Ive flagged/reported your post as its in wrong forums you might want to read the TOS you signed before posting .

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Now tell me the last time you visited the forums for recruiting people. I can tell you I’ve never even considered it myself.

Besides the point if they allow GD to be spammed by people recruting it would knock decent topics off the top of the page this making any devs that do visit here miss them .

Implying devs visit here. Let’s just agree to disagree on this one.

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I dont want to fall out with you as i think your a great poster and like you but GD isnt and never should be a place to recruit iam sorry if ive annoyed you but i dont want to see GD filled with posts like this sorry.

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I actually advertise on our realm forum for our guild. I wouldn’t do it in general though xD.

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