10/10 HC 4 Player friend team looking for Guild to continue progress

Hi we are a team of 4 online friends that have killed Sire HC with PUGs. Normally we are a team of 10 people that raid every new expansion and clear HC, however in Shadowlands we are split as half of us play WoW classic.

The ones that decided to play retail have until now just PUG’d all HC together while trying to recruit to our old guild. But its been hard finding players.

So this is a LF Guild call to see if we are a fit for any other guild. A good fit would be a guild that is progressing mythic or are progressing / done with HC with the goal of starting progressing mythic.

Our server: Twisting-Nether
Our roster:
Any Spec - Paladin
Feral - Druid
WW - Monk
MM - Hunter

Contact information:
Discord: Turboh#6796

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If you fancy coming over to Alliance and Ravencrest, check us out and give this a read. Understandable if you don’t fancy it. :slight_smile:


We’re recruiting for a few melee and ranged dps for our guild on Silvermoon EU / Alliance. If that’s of any interest, just let me know and we can discuss. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hey, If you’re ok with realm changing give us a look

Hi there, if you guys are still looking for a new home and are willing to server/faction transfer give us a look: