10/10 HC Rogue (220 ILVL) LF Raiding Guild

Hi, I am looking to join an active raiding guild, since my former one went inactive.

I have cleared heroic by now multiple times and would prefer to raid on that level going forward.

Besides raiding, I enjoy my time in M+ runs and since SL also started doing more BGs/arena.


  • Rogue 10/10 heroic, 220 ilvl
  • 2 raid day schedule (one of which on the weekend)
  • Aim for AotC each tier and some optional mythic progress (if heroic gets cleared rather fast a given tier)
  • Current Progress 8/10 heroic (or better)
  • Active M+ and/or RBG community
  • Servertransfer and/or faction change are fine for me

Contact: Speedy#24224 via Battle.net

Please save yourself the time to contact me in case the above listed criteria are not met.

Hi there

We do not have a weekend raid time, but maybe have a look:


Hi there,

As above, i’m afraid we do not have a weekend raid day, but would be interested in speaking to you if Monday/tuesday would work whatsoever for you!

My in-game username is wilsonnxo#2881.

Many thanks.

Still on the market for a new guild.