176+ and growing affliction warlock

176ilvl affliction warlock growing. Used to play from WOTLK to wod, recently got back into it half way through bfa, looking for a new guild after a simp take over in my previous guild. currently only playing affliction warlock and prot paladin on draenor. Looking for a chill guild that will let me join their raiding team.

Hey there

We are looking for healers and DPS at the moment, 6/10 Norm.


Hey man, we dont have any warlock in our group right now, so you could be a good addition.
Please check the thread below, and if you like it, we can discuss more on bnet.

Hello Sbag!

If you dont mind a server and faction change maybe we will be the guild for you! :slight_smile:

We are a fairly new guild starting to build our raidteam, who will be going to push for CE :slight_smile: We also have mythic + nights aswell as other events like transmog runs. Its a very social and friendly guild and will want to push for end game content but also wants to have fun. The raiddays haven’t been set yet, so we will be able to fit into everyones scedule :slight_smile:

The way it seems now we need some more dps / offspec heal to fill out our roster.

If you would like to know more you can add my battletag : Missylerona#2360

Hope to hear from you soon!

PS : This guild is on Outland realm on ally side :slight_smile: