2 mythic raiders looking for mythic raid guild

Hi there
I’m searching for two open spots on a mythic raid team for myself and a friend. We play fire mage and unholy death knight. We have experience with mythic raiding in the past, and are both very reliable people.
Currently we play alliance on Silvermoon, but we are willing to transfer both realm and faction.

The guild we are searching for ideally has a strong leadership, focus their energy on progressing mythic raids, and a fun atmosphere.
Preferably 2-3 nights a week, with raid hours between 19pm-00am server time.

If this sparked your interest, please leave a message below.

Hi There,
If a 5/10HC 2 days a week progression guild with a good social atmosphere sounds like what you’re looking for then add me on tag Vanq#2404 or on discord Hoterino#6305

Hello there,
Aetherium might be what your looking for, we are Horde on Moonglade bg, we are currently raiding heroic however will be going into mythic once we have the numbers, the guild we branched off from raided mythic Nya and we are aiming to return to that level, we raid 3 nights per week 20ST-23ST, message DizzleDale#2165 if you are interested or have further questions.

Hi there, give me a shout in game, Bnet is Rentrix#2150.
We are a newly formed roster, formed by a core of CE raiders from last tier. We are looking for the last few dps and could use both of the specs you are playing! we are 9/10HC and raid wed/thurs 8-11 server time.

Hey you can look up reckless-tarren mill on wowprog. If it looks interesting, you’ll find my btag there to reach me.

Hey man,

We are newly formed but we are quickly getting towards having a raiding team put together.

Contact info is on there

Hello! Fifth Sin is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on EU-Draenor. We look for similar minded raiders that value a good guild environment as well as progression in raids.

Our current progress can be found here: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Fifth+Sin

In order to apply you must be 18 years or older and able to attend our raid schedule; Wednesday and Monday from 20:15 until 23:15 server time. (with the option of using one extra raid night if needed as a main raid (only rarely) on either Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday (Fridays and Saturdays are always considered off-days). We also do a regular offday-run, usually on Sundays for non-mythic content we don’t have time for in our main raids.

We’re an English speaking guild, and expect you to be able to understand and express yourself in fluent English.

Exceptional applications are always considered, even if we are not actively recruiting for that particular class or spec.

If you are interested in applying, have a look at our recruitment post: http://www.fifth-sin.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=477 This should tell you what we generally look for in a player, what you can expect of the guild and how we do things as well as how to apply.

You can also contact me directly via Bnet: FreddieK#2983 or Discord: FreddieK#3608 if you have any questions or if you just prefer talking to someone before applying.

Hope you will take the time to consider us and if you like what you see to hear from you soon!


We are Moosebar-Silvermoon. Currently 2/10M and 10/10HC and we could definitely use some dedicated members.

For more information feel free to take a look at our recruitment post: [A] Silvermoon <Moosebar> 2/10M 10/10HC Recruiting Dedicated Members for Mythic

Hopefully hear from you soon!

Hey mate,
We’re a guild on Outland-EU Ally of course. Currently 10/10 HC & 1/10 M. We’re searching for a couple of DPS & 1 Tank. This could defiently be a option for you, if you’re also swedish or norwegian we would be more than interested!
Contact me on discord for more information if you’re interested.

[Questionable Morals] (Twisting Nether) We are a newly formed 10/10HC guild looking for dps and healers to integrate into our roster for a solid mythic team. Our raid days are Wed,Fri, Tues 2000-2300. If you’re interested whisper me or contact us through WoW progress. Give me a message

Hey. We’re Crown on Twisting Nether.

Currently looking for ranged dps and can easily fill another unholy DK into our roster. Our progress is 10/10hc and 2/10m.

We just merged with another smaller guild to strengthen our roster and looking for few more raiders for progression.

You can catch me on bnet Yogabba#21593

Hiya, thought I might throw my hat into the ring as we fit what you are looking for and are a long standing Alliance guild on Silvermoon (formed and raiding since 2007 with the same leadership all the way through, as you mentioned its import).
Add me if you fancy a chat Asta#2730 :slight_smile:

Hey there are you still looking ?
We tick all of your boxes, we have 1/10m killed so far.
Add me on bnet, rentix#2150

Hey Aumiru,

Primordial Knights (H)-Ragnaros is looking for solid raider to fill the mythic raiding roster. We are currently 2/10M and 10/10 HC. We raid at wednesday and sunday from 20:00 - 23:00 Server time.

We also run community runs and play pvp, keys M+, leveling alts in a fun atmosphere.

If you feel like, hey this sounds like a fine guild, you can add me on bnet.