2 players LF 2 day raiding guild

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Hi there,

My partner and I have recently moved back to Alliance and we are looking for a guild to settle into before the new raid is here.

A little about us

My partner plays a rogue, currently 372 ilvl, that he moved across from horde. He would prefer to continue playing his rogue.
I play a paladin, but rather than move a char over I picked up this one that I already had on the server that I raided on previously. My ilvl is rather low at the moment, 353 in prot gear 350 in healer gear, but I plan to increase that quite quickly and I have had experience tanking in Uldir on horde. I have the most experience as a tank over the years, and that or healer are my preferred role, but I can also play the other specs.
Currently, we are both curved players but have not really ventured into mythic this expansion due to not finding a suitable guild since our last one folded at the end of Legion. We have both played since vanilla and have both previously been mythic raiders in every expansion.

What we are looking for
A guild that can comfortably do hc raiding, moving into mythic at a reasonable pace, so I guess a semi-hardcore guild. We would prefer 2 nights of raiding a week, any night is fine, but it needs to be 20:30-22:30. We cannot raid before this time as we have kids that we need to put to bed.
We also want a guild where people log on outside of raids to do stuff like m+ and have a chat in /g

What we are not looking for

A dying guild, as harsh as that sounds. We don’t want to join a guild that is falling apart, we’ve done that a couple of times already and it doesn’t work out well. Usually, the guild falls apart for reasons that will not be changed by the addition of 2 new raiders.
We also don’t want a guild full of childish people or a memefest, we like a laugh but not when people are just nasty to each other and call it humor.

If you have a guild that could be a good fit for us leave your info below and we’ll get in touch. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Alternatively, you can get in touch via btag: Richy#2214

(Machu) #2

Hi, my guild is atm looking for more players. We are 1/8M atm, but still missing couple of spots to be filled. Raiding tue/thur 10pm-1am ST. If you would like to have a chat plz contact me or Cropple, or Wraithglaive online.

(Holycaekz) #3

Thanks for the reply, however you guys raid a little late for us. Good luck with your recruiting :smile:


We are still looking for a guild , would really like to get one sorted soon :grinning:

(Calain) #5

Hey there,

Sounds like you might like it in our guild if we can compromise a little on time. Have a look here: [A] -Fury of Redemption- 2 teams recruitment
and see if we suit your needs. If not happy hunting on finding a new home :slight_smile:

(Holycaekz) #6

Hey, thanks for the reply, unfortunately we really can’t compromise on the start time. Kids are very inconsiderate creatures when it comes to raiding :stuck_out_tongue:

(Calain) #7

Yeah I know the feeling :slight_smile:
If it is 20:30 server time you can raid from it is only 30 minutes after our raid start time and something that could possibly be worked around most nights, but I totally get where you are coming from :slight_smile:

(Holycaekz) #8

Thanks again for your interest, but missing 30 minutes of raid time is not really an option, especially as I would primarily be looking at a tank or healer spot.

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