201 Gs Pala Heal lf Nhc/Hc Raid Guild

Hey im Looking for a NHC/HC Raid Guild (English or German). Server and Fraction is not really important because im Open to Change Fraction/Transfer to a different Server.
Paladin Heal is my Mainspec and Tank offspec.
Im looking mainly for a Friendly non Massguild.

Hey there, we are in need of a hpala

Hello there and happy new year! Read our post and if it piques your interest let me know! :slight_smile:

Hey there :slight_smile:
we are in need of a heal pally big time! add me @Bayyaz#2695 and check our post.

Heyoo, if you’re open to joining a fresh newly formed guild we are currently looking for everything to build a raidteam :slight_smile:
I’ll post our recruitment post below and maybe you could take a look at it and if it’s atall interesting to you please get in touch!
Btag: Marble#2140

hi we currently have spots for our weekend raid team if you would like to know more about us i will leave our post below

Thanks for reading