203 Balance druid/healer LF new guild


I am looking for a new guild to progress heroic with and possibly move onto Mythic. I am also always up for pushing Mythic+ keys. My current progression is 10/10 Normal and 2/10 HC. I am willing to transfer realms and also willing to focus on the spec that is needed for the guild, whether that be healing or DPS. I would preferably like to raid 2-3 times a week in the evenings, days are not an issue. Please add Keeran#21931 on Battlenet if you are interested.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day :slight_smile:

[H – Bronzebeard– EU] 7/10 HC LF Tank & DPS

Progression: 7/10 HC CN
Raid Times: 20:00 – 23:15 Server Time
Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Sunday

About us:
The Plague Maw Rats is a newly formed guild dedicated to HC raid & Mythic+ Key progression. We have formed this guild with a core raid group that has visions to push in Mythic, At the moment our current priorities are for rogues Boomies warriors and Holy paly
Exceptional players of other specs will also be considered.
Our roster enjoys progression and has proven to be tiltproof we aim to improve ourselves in every encounter-raid,but we do not tolerate “flaming” by any means
We’d prefer to hinder progression than to have a toxic roster.

Understanding of your specialization
usage of mods such as DBM, Weak auras etc
Review logs after bosses to improve performance
Understanding of boss abilities prior to each pull in raid and Mythic+
Able to join guild Discord server and use the appropriate voice channels

If you would like to know more about the guild or enquire about joining the please contact the guild recruitment officer via the below channels
Battle net.:

Or Discord :

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hi Valran,

I hope youre well.

We are currently recruiting both DPS & Healers - So we are happy for you to play what you feel most comfortable playing.

We also seem to have the same focus.
Please do read our post below and let us know if it interests you.


Greets Valran!

Hygge are an Alliance guild on the Magtheridon server currently recruiting RDPS and healers. Following our first week of progress, we cleared 10/10N and 1/10 HC. Our raid days are Weds/Sun - 20.00-23.00 server time. If a realm & faction change are a possibility, we’d love to have you.

Get in touch
Discord oridious#9022
Bnet scuttlecreb#2666

Hello, we are in need of another boomkin, check the below…

Hey man! You’re already being spammed by a thousand guilds, but if you look to increase your raiding efficiency a bit more (let’s face it, nobody should need more than one raid day to clear HC) and would be willing to transfer to alliance, feel free to give us a read and look-up. :slight_smile: Discord Link is in the advertisement post, can also just reply here and I’ll send my Bnet over.

Hello there! is always looking for new, cool players for different levels of raiding/m+: