205 Windwalker Monk looking for a guild

My character is Breadguy, a 205 Wind walker Monk. I’m and old WoW player that has been mostly in private servers but decided to join retail in shadowlands. I’m quite well familiar with Raiding and mini-maxing just new to the shadowladns although I have 10/10 NM CN. Looking for a guild with a raiding spot - a group of players that pushes mythics and maybe some PvP events time to time.

Hi mate,

Our guild is currently recruiting at the moment dps, your welcome to check us out on our site! Cosmicfire .co.uk

Alternatively add me on battletag Tricky#21141 and I can throw you an invite if your interested.

Hello. I’ll just drop our post here, maybe you are interested. We can still fit 1 melee in our group for now.

Hey bud,

This is our post on the forums, get in touch if you would like to know more :)…

Hi, Welcome to the CA.

We are a newly formed guild built around a core of 10 players. We were part of a CE guild from BFA but wanted to push forward in a different direction to the old leadership.

What we want to achieve:

Put simply, CE every tier. A raid environment where players can enjoy their time investment with no drama or timewasting. Get in, get it killed and enjoy the loot( or lack of in SL) :slight_smile:

Who we are:

Formed from a core of 10 players who all had the same mindset. We enjoy clearing content without wasting time, expect all to be prepared for the night to ensure efficient progress. We are looking to return to mythic progress asap, (we are currently 9/10HC + 1/10M from our old guild).

We currently have 1 healer spot open and 5 DPS
We are open to all applications although preference will be given to the following classes;

  • Unholy DK/WW Monk
  • MM Hunter/Fire Mage/Boomchicken/Aff Lock
  • Disc Priest/Holy Pala

If this sounds like a team you might like to learn more about then please get in touch with either Ren or Carn
Rentrix#2150(Bnet) or Rentrix85#2646(Discord)
Carn#2354(Bnet) or Carn#1790(Discord)

Hello there, if you are still looking for guild, check us out :slight_smile:

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