216 mage LF guild [H]

Hi there! I’m looking for a new guild 2-3 days raiding.

Currently I’m 216 ilvl, doing my mythic+ every week.
Played WoW since vanilla. I honestly just miss something a little bit less casual than what I’m in now.

I’m 9/10 HC helping a friends casual guild progress.

I’ve had a lot of raiding experience over the years ranging from world 400-1000 guilds. Can show logs from previous expansions and current.

I’m also very versatile able to play several classes if ever needed to reroll for a specific reason, I study up on the raids and theorycraft in my spare time.

Let’s raid and farm some keys :slight_smile:

Leave your offers below with a btag.

Hi there im not sure what server you are on but im an officer in a guild called Fruit vendor on Dreanor.
We’re a group of friends that have been raiding and playing WoW together for years. we are currently 9/10 HC. As soon as we’ve cleared HC we’ll be moving on to Mythic. We are currently looking for moslty ranged dps.

We raid 3 days a week, Wednesdays(farm), Thursdays and Sundays(progression) 8pm to 11pm server time. We’d like everyone to be able to join progression as much as possible, with farm being optional.
We aim to provide a nice enviroment where you can have fun and be yourself.

If this sounds like your type of guild feel free to add one of our battle tags


Hello, add my btag for a chat! - Tymoa#2145

Tym, GM of Cynical - 8/10HC Wed/Thur/Mon 8-11ST

2/10M - Kazzak - Noboru#21697

Hello there! I am not entirely sure what level you aim to raid currently, but if you’re from Sweden or scandinavia, I might have something for you! :slight_smile:

If this is the case, add my b-tag: Norrby#2356
Hope to hear from you!


Hey Imba give us a look

Hey there !

Superiority complex is looking for a few more members to round out the mythic raiding team currently 10/10h 2/10 mythic with 2% closest pull on hungering!

We raid we / thursday / sunday 20:00 - 23:00 ST with optional / alt heroic clear on monday. We are split off an alliance guild with CE nayalota and aiming for CE again this expansion

Would love to have a chat with you.

Bnet: a4papier#2833
Discord: a4papier#3255

[h] <archaic order> - 2/10 M 1-day raiding guild , if you would like to ask more question then please dont hesitate to add my btag yasri#2238

Hi please find attached our guild recruitment post