216 mage LF guild [H]

Hi there! I’m looking for a new guild 2-3 days raiding.

Currently I’m 216 ilvl, doing my mythic+ every week.
Played WoW since vanilla. I honestly just miss something a little bit less casual than what I’m in now.

I’m 9/10 HC helping a friends casual guild progress.

I’ve had a lot of raiding experience over the years ranging from world 400-1000 guilds. Can show logs from previous expansions and current.

I’m also very versatile able to play several classes if ever needed to reroll for a specific reason, I study up on the raids and theorycraft in my spare time.

Let’s raid and farm some keys :slight_smile:

Can transfer.

Leave your offers below with a btag.

Hey! I am from The Golden Armada on Argent Dawn. Currently 10/10 HC and 1/10 Mythic we are looking especially for Ranged dps to push in as far as we can in mythic. We raid wednesdays and thursdays 8-11pm. We also like to do other stuff like rated bgs once in a while. For more information add me lynkanek#2659

Hello there :slight_smile:

I am the recruitment officer representing The Obsidian Order on Aggramar. We are currently 10/10HC and 2/10 M and are a very long standing guild. If this interests you please take a look at our recruitment post and add my btag Exodeo#2151 for a chat.

[H][Aggramar/Hellscream] The Obsidian Order 12/12M 2/10M 10/10HC 10/10N - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)


I am from Rat Pack on Stormscale, a guild which currently is 10/10H and 3/10 M, we are a revived CE guild but had a rocky start in Shadowlands. We are currently recruiting, and trying to improve our current roster. We raid 2x per week, Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 to 23:30. Our goal is to get CE in every tier in Shadowlands and will keep working on our roster to achieve this.

Look at this post for some more info: [H][Stormscale] <Rat Pack> 3/10 M recruiting dps and healers for CE

Or contact us through discord: discord.gg/UmcpaeU

Hope to hear from you,


Please have a look at our post and do let us know if it interests you.
Nice to see someone else still playing since vanilla.


Are you willing to transfer aswell?
Currently 9/10HC is looking for extraordinary dps to expand the roster for future Mythic progress.
We are a guild on Kazzak.
Raiding more casual 2 nights a week Tuesday and Thursday 19:45-23:00.
Where having fun always gets in favour above Elitism to get everything done asap. But we still get in there prepared and ready to go.

If you are game and see what Synopsis can provide please get in touch:
Bnet: Warchief#21366
Discord: Arrachea#9817

Hey! If you’re open to a newer guild still building it’s core and would like to be part of that please check our recruitment post :slight_smile:
We are in huge need of ranged DPS!

Hey if you’re still looking for a raiding guild, we are still recruiting and about to start mythic soon. We have Sire Denathrius @5%


Give us a look

We are recruiting players to start mythic progress. We started raiding in shadowlands and have 9/10 HC atm. We want to recruit more people to get into mythic as soon as possible. The guild consists of players with previous raiding experience on mythic level.

What can you expect from us?

  • A good raiding enviroment, where we help eachother get better and thrive together.
  • We’re active with doing alot of M+, arena, BGS and much more.
  • An overall good enviroment and social guild.
  • Fast progress through HC and mythic.

What we expect of you.

  • Be able to understand and speak english.
  • Know the class that you are playing and always work towards improving yourself.
  • Be able to join most of our raids on Wednesday and Sundays 19.30 - 22.00.
  • Be a teamplayer to work with the guild to improve ourselves.
  • Raiding time: 19.30 - 22.00. Invites starts at 19.15. Have flask, food and proper enchants ready.

What classes we are looking for.

Disc priest
Holy paladin

MM hunter
Shadow priest
Ench Shaman

We consider every class of course and take exceptional players.

We hope we hear from you! You can send a request on B-net if your interested and we will have a quick interview

If you have any question, contact Toobbez#2530


Add me for a chat. We would like to add a mage to our roster as we are heading into mythic raiding :slight_smile:

Hello there. If u havent found a guild yet, feel free to have a look at [h] stormscale and see if it fits ur needs

Hi Imba,

We might be of interest for you:

hey we could really do with a raid lead that has prev exp if u would like to give us the once over i will leave our post below.


Hello there! If your looking at a friendly close knit raiding guild we might be what you look for, hit me up on bnet DizzleDale#2165

Hi there, did you find a new home yet? We are looking for like-minded raiders for our roster :slight_smile: Find more info here: <Cult of Gin> For people who enjoy vodka or gin - become part of our kin! LFM SOCIAL / M+ / RAID FOCUS


Hey there Where are you from :)?
We are looking for Swedish players in Yrrol at The Maelstrom :slight_smile:

Gurdii#2405 btagg