219 BM Hunter LF Guild

Hi my name is Premetheus, i am a BM Hunter. Yes yes i know we might be down on the food chain for now, but we are getting a slight buff which might bump us a few spots to the top :slight_smile:

But my class will definitely not be a problem, i can prove what i can do if just given a chance.

My rio is currently 1347, my link is: https://raider.io/characters/eu/silvermoon/premetheus

My ilvl is currently 219 going on 220 and i believe i do reasonably well on dps, enough to be able to deserve a spot.

My logs are here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/silvermoon/premetheus?zone=26&new=true

It would be super great if someone will give this loner BM a chance to prove what he can do in m+ and in a nice good raiding environment.

Peace out guys

Hi there Premetheus,

We have no problem with BM hunters here, seeing we are already rolling with a realy good Beast Master. Give us a look:

Hey Premetheus,

We are definitely interested! I’m not sure if you are willing to change faction and realm, but please check us out if you are. We are 3/10M and our goal is to get CE :slight_smile:

Hey, (Incase you have not found what you are looking for).
Impaired are looking for another hunter. We are helping gear a few returning players and re-rolls. We stomped 10/10 normal CN at the weekend for fun. Our raid days are starting this Wed & Thurs - 9pm-12am game time.
Really friendly bunch with calm/non-toxic raiding environment.
Looking to clear herioc on Thursday. :slight_smile:
A lot of UK based players, and very active - we do a lot of M+ with everyone so everyone has max opportunity to get a good choice from the weekly vault. We do M+ daily, for alts and mains.
We are only a few days old. :slight_smile:

Check us out here - https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Impaired

Our discord too, if you want to check it out. https://discord.gg/XNua3nEEJP

Hey There,

Just incase you haven’t found a place yet!
Disciples is still recruiting a few more DPS in prep for it’s Mythic Roster.
We Raid twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays and we’re currently 9/10HC

If this interests you add me on Discord Hoterino#6305 or Battlenet Vanq#2404

Hi @Premetheus

I see you are Alliance, but if you are interested in joining Horde have a look at our recruitment page.

Cheers mate

Hey, We’re currently looking for a Rdps, Feel free to check us out for more informaiton.