223 Rogue LF a guild

I am 223 ilvl outlaw rogue for PvE and Assa/Sub for PvP
10/10 HC 4/10 Mythic LF a mythic guild with raiding hours of 18:00-24:00 Server time
Feel free to check logs not the best but have room for growth thx

Hey! Since your character shows up as ‘not existing anymore’ on Warcraftlogs I assume you already found somewhere to move to :smiley: If not, feel free to check out the recruitment post for our 4/10 Mythic guild:

hey mate if you are still looking for a guild, we raid Thurs / Sun from 19:30 to 22:30 and are 3/10 Mythic atm (hoping to be 5/10 very soon, working on SK and Inerva right now). Guild name is Tasty Intentions and we are on the Dragonmaw / Stormreaver etc Server Cluster. If you are interested and would like to know more then just contact me in game, BNet Tag: Zordan#2158

Hi Ghost,

Would love to speak with you more.
Please have a read of our post below and if it interests you, please do add me on battle.net


Look forward to hearing from you.

Hello we are Rx and raid at 9:45pm server time to 12:30 Thursday and Sunday
We are 2/10 Mythic and recruiting to move forward you can check us out at gow.gg/rx

Hey dude check us out :slight_smile: