3 Looking for a heroic raiding guild

We are looking for a guild that is mainly intersted in clearing HC raids and doing some M+ on the side.

Our classes are:

1 MW Monk - ilvl 192 / Priest alt ilvl 170
1 Fury Warrior - ilvl194 / Blood BK 172
1 DH Havoc - 190 / Aff lock 171

we have cleared CN 6/10 on our mains.

If you are intrested in us please leave a msg here and we will get in touch for a chat.

Hello m8,

  • Templars of the Dark - is recruiting to complete their heroic raiding team.

About us:
Small guild with a mix of experienced and semi-experienced members and mindset on heroic progression and mythic + dungeons at a comfortable and not stressfull lvl.
Done only normal raiding so far since we are still searching for the last dps spots to have a fully guild raid going.
Add me on battlnet and lets have a chat to see if this is the place u guys are looking for.
battlenet id : Marinz0#2575

Hey, if you’re still looking for a guild. I’m trying to start a heroic guild myself. The raid times are Tuesday and Saturday at 20:00-23:00. Here is our recruitment thread for more details: [H] Silly Name Inc. a Heroic Guild Startup

If you’re interested shoot me a message ingame, on discord or join our discord channel(those details are in that thread)

Hello! Our guild is looking for ranged dps . I’ll leave our post here, if you think u can fit in, give me a shout on bnet :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

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