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Hi thanks for taking the time to read this.

As the title says I’m a druid that’s looking for a new raiding guild.
I currently have 3/8Mythic Uldir on my Demon Hunter but got burned out with playing DH for the biggest part of Legion with going back to Semi-hardcore raiding in Antorus where I got 10/11 mythic before pre-patch and a couple of 1% wipes on Mythic Argus.

I re-rolled Druid because it’s the first class I’ve ever played and just needed some change in the game.

I’m currently looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild which also does mythic + after playing bfa more casually I’m thrilled to start progressing through Mythic raids again and trying to achieve CE.

If you are interested please add me on bnet: Nagimur#2583 or discord Nagimur#0550

Friendly regards Nagiimur.

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Heya! This is my recruitment: [H-Draenor] DHX - Heroic and mythic raiding We raid 2 days a week at present, clearing through our farm mythic, progressing further and clearing heroic if there’s time. Best to read the post and if it interests you give me an add on battletag LAORII#2787, or one of the other officers listed in the post. Cheeeeeeers! :slight_smile:


Alright mate,

I know what you’re saying about burnout.

Anyway, we’re on the hunt for one or two more ranged. We got to 2/8m before the burnout hit us and we started to slack, then of course Christmas hit us, so we just stopped progress really.

There’s a group in the guild which really like to push Mythic keys if that’s your thing. There’s about 6 of them with 1400+ rating, who take on 14 and 15 keys.

Currently raiding 1 night a week lol, just to keep things ticking over, but will go back to 3 once BfD comes out.

Check out our website for more info


or our recruitment post here on the forum

Good luck finding a guild, there’s plenty out there and i’m sure you’ll find one suited to your needs.


Hey there

Where currently looking to add some reliable ranged to are roster, we are 2/8m and raid friday and sunday 8pm to 11pm server timer

If your interested, or would like more info feel free to contact me Setana#21724 or timur316#9645 on discord

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