412 WW Monk LF Mythic raiding guild

Hey guys.

My current main is WW Monk looking to get back into mythic raiding. Last time I raided mythic was in BFA Nyalotha, due to work commitments I wasn’t able to keep it up. Change of circumstances makes it so I am able to get back into it.

Currently sitting on 2.7RIO for mythic +
I also have a DH as well at 2.3 rio

I can tank or dps in M+ im easy either way I dont mind tanking during raid but I do prefer dps for raids.

I am happy to server change that’s not a problem if needed happy to trial first to see what the feel is like. Ideally a more higher populated server but hell if its a right fit I don’t mind. All my alts or scattered across Tarren Mill and Draenor

Give me an add lets have a chat.

Battlenet: A1CYA#2668

Still looking for a guild?



Free feel to add me on discord Keyda#1625