476 Shadow/Disc 10/12M

I’ll keep it short, current GM of simply the best. We decided to give up on Nzoth for many reasons. I was there for the majority of carapace progression but missed the kill so i know how the fight works.

I’m comfortable playing all 3 specs but have the most experience as shadow, can work both disc and holy without issue at a high enough level.

Not looking for anything serious, i won’t be leaving my current guild or moving realms etc. But i’d like to fill my spare time prior to Shadowlands.

Due to my work schedule i’m not asking for a full time slot nor do i expect one, but i’d like to participate in a progression guild ideally around the same level. I have absolutely no problem being a back-up player. I’m free most days so i can be flexible

Sean#2897 for a chat.

Could possibly convince a couple of other players from the now-disbanded raid team to tag along to help out.

Have a look mate, hit me up on bnet of discord if you have any questions.

Still looking to find something worthwhile to occupy me until SL.

Offer still stands, can possibly ask a couple of friends to help out but not promising anything. I won’t be joining your guild, moving realms or faction changing. i’ll just attend your raids when you want me to.

Multi CE raider from many expansions. Pretty well geared and up to date but a bit rusty from a small break when he disbanded on nzoth.

Sean#2897. Don’t be shy!