6:0 got me 44 rating but 0:6 got me -72? is MMR designed to stop you gaining rating?

Nah im sure you dont understand it thats the point here
You complain about something that isnt wrong you cant grasp the fact that u need to win against players at your level to gain rating

“if you go off a win loss ratio it wouldn’t take into account the skill of the player” is the most senseless statement I have ever seen and let me explain why

let’s take for argument sake you gain 10 rating per win and lose 10 rating per loss.

you play 200 games and win 100% of them. you are now 2000 rating.

at 2000 rating you begin to lose 50% of the games you play now, meaning you will ultimately stay at 2000 rating because you are considered a 2000 rating player because other people at 2000 rating will now have even win ratio with you. Thus your average 50% win ratio means you are facing players at the correct rating…

We then move the current system

I win 5 of my last 6 games by the majority, meaning that I am considered the best in the lobby and the lobby decides i should face people at a higher MMR. over 5 games my MMR gains and on the 6th game I go 3:3, meaning that technical at this point, at this one singular solo shuffle in which composition aren’t taken into account in any shape way of form I have “peaked” at my skill. the next game I have an awful lobby and go 0:6 and it puts me not only in the bracket below, but wipes out all 5 games I have just won the majority basically stating that my wins in the previous brackets where either luck based, or I’ve drastically reduced in skill in the past 2 hours.

A win loss ratio is the ONLY way to achieve perfect balance because those with higher skill level will have a higher % of win up until they reach people of equal skill in which they will then sit at a 50% win ratio before ultimately dropping below a 50% win ratio and begin to drop in rating.

The system that is used entirely in chess which is a 1v1 game in which everybody has equal number of chest pieces and equal number of moves works great. but we don’t play a game where it’s 6 demon hunters doing a 3v3.

No you dont understand the point and just using the same stupid argument over and over.
100 point difference is not a big deal and should not be punished heavily.
You also assume that OP somehow was playing vs lower MMR players in all rounds and suddenly in the lobby he went 0-6 he was correctly matched which is very unlikely. Most likely he was in the correct range with some variations but the system sucks and punishes you for winning. Not to mention the system doesnt take into account comps which is what is the game is balanced around.
In conclusion the system sucks you are just deflecting by repeating “yOu DOnT UndErsTanD iT”.
Anyway in the end the game is deserted because its a big waste of time and you can enjoy this system you understand very much.

I dont even think -70 is normal tbh i dont think i have seen higher than -60 for a 0-6

-70 would make sense if his mmr was already in a bad spot

and honestly without seeing the stats from reflex there isnt much of a point arguing anyways

Not to mention the system doesnt take into account comps which is what is the game is balanced around.

of not or do you also want the system to count if u kicked the best? and had the best positioning and damage? makes no sensee

yes no point in arguing.
Are you denying the game is balanced around comps? its absolutely is and so yeeting you back -70 for a very bad lobby is another example why the system sucks.

I dont think the game is balanced around comps some are just better than others which you can tell in higher 3s games but not so much in shuffle and x players could still beat ‘‘counter comps’’ anyways

How do you know its a bad lobby? because he lost?
because there were 3 casters and he was melee?
on what map did they play?
what classes were involved?
there is so much missing

you are trying to blame a normal mmr and cr system with
delusional takes of ‘‘this is why the system is bad’’ but nothing u said makes sense whatsoever

The game is absouletly balanced around comps you can go back and check many interviews in the past.
Maps also play a big role.
I m done arguing honestly you miss the basic stuff there is no point in arguing.

You are assuming that the system will be able to match people of the same rating. If you actually tried that, the queues would be insane. It happens very often that the ratings of the participants are vastly different. Also guess what happens in your system? The lower skill players get rolled over by the glads at the beginning of the season for a week or two.

And just how would you want compositions to be taken into account? That would be overengineering the situation. That is like communism trying to regulate the market rather than supply/demand. All classes have weak comps and strong comps. In the long run, it averages out. Everyone is in the same boat here.

As I said, it is normal to oscillate 200-300 rating around a mean. Win streaks and loss streaks have been happening in arena since the dawn of time. If you get better, your mean will increase, but almost never the rating increase will be a “line” on a graph.

That’s what the system should do.

I’ve been put against healers I get no rating winning against, I’ve even lost mmr by winning.

You can lose mmr even when you win because the other healer is so much lower than you. It’s absolutely stupid.

The point here remain that wow rating system is affected even more of participation than other games from which I know none that use system in which player progress varies this much between seasons so wow clearly does something differently, rating gains with the system that blizzard uses varies wildly between seasons based on participation and how blizzard adjust or cap mmr. And on low participation seasons if they dont adjust mmr for it the root of the problem is on the rating system then just like numerous people have pointed already and is said on any number of streams through DF.

Think it is fair to assume people by now would be aware how rating gains changes between seasons cause of mmr and how they exactly arent constantly adjusting it to compensate large amounts of players quitting for tuning reasons or to any number of reasons we seen so far in df from mmr cap to balancing issues. All of this comes down to the mmr system which is part of the wows rating system and all of the above is in need of rework hence.

The solo suffle idea in general is not correct. the multi alting(to fight same player same spec in every rating I don’t see it right) and deflection is getting harder for players to climb.

In an ideal world, yes. In the real world, the PvP participation is too low, so the queues would be too long.

The system increases the tolerance to rating difference with the time you spent in queue.

Woud love to see some kind of proof of that, I have never had that happen in thousands of games.

This is very problem and therefore the rewards should be percentile-based. Not at the end of the season as it used to be though. Rather, glad for example should be “Win 50 games while at or above the x-th percentile”.


There’s countless of these out there where the healer loses mmr by winning.

The system starts breaking down totally as you get higher as a healer because there’s barely any higher or similar rated ones queuing. I’ve waited more than 10 minutes for a queue pop at most after I hit duelist, when playing at night. The other healer would most likely be a lot lower than me if I accept those queues because it has widened the range to create a lobby rather than another healer around my rating signing up and I’d gain nothing from winning, so I simply don’t play. Almost every time I’ve had queues longer than 5 minutes I end up against a healer far lower than me.

Oh, I imagined “winning” as a 6-0 in a solo shuffle. What you linked is the system working as intended. Unfortunately the big rating difference is created by the lack of healers, which is another problem.

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