8.2 Custom Sounds

And one common example to combat the sound I use is transmogrification.

That doesn’t really fix the problem though

It’s the only fix you have and I believe the only one that will be in play for a long, long time.

Altering any of the game files, is a bannable action, and people HAVE been banned for altering the game files.

I know not if the sound files are considered “game files”, just something to be aware of.

The old way was not going into the game but there was a folder tree you needed and the right kind of file.

I think the only way to do it now is to break the terms of use agreement and inject the file you want.

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Using the method that was previously available, you wouldn’t ALTER any game files. Instead, what you would do is put a replacement in the folder which makes the game PRIORITIZE that files over the one already in the game. This is something Blizzard themselves have deliberately put in the game.

And now it seems deliberately removed.

And Blizzard have also said that they did not intend to take away this functionality and are looking into restoring it but have since gone quiet.

This method doesn’t alter any files, this is a method Blizzard intentionally put in to allow this, it’s in a similar ballpark to the API.

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ive spend many hours looking for a fix to silence the whooshing sound when my spells are on gcd unfortunately i cant get it to work any more either the error be gone fix addon dont seem to work in 8.2

sadly ive had to put my main character a prot paladin in retirement as the gcd sound on him is so unbearable cause i tend to spam skills on gcd hopefull some how or an addon may fix it

funny enough my rougue doesnt suffer from these abnoxious gcd sounds so at least i can carry on playing

why isnt there an option to silence these in game is mind boggling

We need blue post reply on this issue, pronto.

I’ve noted in the past. that demanding a blue reply makes them less likely to reply in a hurry, if at all.

You are probably better off looking at the US forums to see if any update is made, the people who matter won’t see this.

Ok to the guy who thought custom sound files may have been altering game files…

What a sage.

Considering Blizzard changed how it works, and the game now apparently ignores your “custom” sound files, making injecting the sound files directly into the WTF storage files the only way to change the sound files, yes, custom sound files are altering game files.

But feel free to inject, just don’t come crying when you get banned.

You will find these programs inject the files into the memory, not into disk storage.

This IS the problem right here. We don’t want to do this, and until 8.2 you didn’t have to do this.

Stop acting like a dried-up pharisee.

Blizzard changed the rules. They changed it so that your “custom sound files” are ignored and you have to have the soundfiles that their game designers intended you to have.

Their game, their right to do that.

Stop acting like a snowflake.

I wrote kind of replacement addon for old sounds yesterday (/www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/oldgunsounds/)

Hope it satisfies your requirements.
And sorry for longtime response. I had a wow break these months.


As a hunter, sir… i bow before you

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