[9.2 spoiler] if the Winter Queen

Citation needed. it is relative new recton when they run out ideas and basically begin to plug titans/old gods into every plot hole. But also no, all living things more that “constructs”. It basically what titans’ keeper which beamed into Uldar said after raid beats him - “your imperfection/corruption/flesh is the very same thing which let you succeed where perfect titan’s construct had sucked a fat one”. It like a major theme of all expansions past lich, actually. Even pandaria is about fleshy creations of Old gods, mortals, sorting out dumb titan’s mess once again. But then again in new lore it seems like Mortals originated from the realms of death so previous lore of “Old gods makes mortal races out titans” doesnt make sense.

Vanilla isn’t relatively new. See Uldaman for Earthen and Dwarven history. For Human and Gnome history, WotLK isn’t realtively new, either.

But you cherry picking, man. Yes it did START from dwarf yes, but it still was a long way to go, before blizz just waved their hands and said that - oh yeah - everyone and everybody is Oldgods/Titans offsprings.

Yes, because I can’t be bothered to look everything up for you. Go do your research if you wish. I pick some easy finds; if you’re curious, you can research the rest.

Because discovering history takes time. The direction has been the same since the start, and as expansions went by, we discovered more and more of it. Surprising? Hardly.

…except elementals and a whole host of other beings. At least as far as we know, now.

What history? Do you realize it is just a video game? Blizzard just became lazy and begin to put Old Gods/Titans as answer to everything.

Again if you want to cherry pick, be my guest. I don’t know who is “we” you talking about, but as far as “lore” goes. Since WotLK, every expansion has titans/old gods trace in them. Drenor - changed by passing by titan, have old gods. pandaria - old god heart/titan keepers. Legion - old gods in emerald/nighmare. I can go on and on. Tians/Old gods - answer to everything and anything! Maybe you just don’t know wow lore as much as you trying to flex at me ;D. Anyways im out.

…as they have been doing from the start, is my point. It’s not a new thing. Old Gods/Titans/Random Cosmic Power was always the answer.

So not relatively new?

I’m hoping they’re not constructs and instead the jailer has used the method in which they used to create the new Arbiter to try and recreate a version of all his siblings, and so far he has only got up to the “prototype stage”, so they’re not as powerful as the real deal.

why would he make a copy of him self too though Catazotz

Blizzard just loves to over explain things these days. No mystery or intrigue left. Elune is next on the chopping block, after the entire concept of the afterlife.

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