[9.2] Visiting the Dev Studios

Honestly 3d printing reality is most likely the cruelest way of creation because you lack the care of a true craftman and is more likely to neglect or toss it away as you can always print another

So we’re going with story team malice above incompetence, eh? :wink:

well you can compare to model building the person who printed the model has less attachment to it then the person who build it by hand my father builds model ships by hand and he’d be absolutely destroyed if one of them was broken since they represent a fair bit of his life but someone who just sees a cool model and 3d prints it will not have the same affection for it

in the same vain the current wow team did not hand build the game they did not invent the rules and the lore they simply 3d printed their version of the game while leaving the original to rot in the corner so in a way this new location is a fitting reflection of the current wow team

don’t get me wrong though the game has a had a lot of positive QoL changes but it’s clear the dev team has little to no care for the established lore a lot of the game’s current problem stems from arrogance you think you do but you don’t the notion that the dev team know better then the customer base that pays their paycheck is pure nonsense and its been proven time and again when they failed to heed feedback and make a cluster f of a expansion

According to an old interview of Bellular to Ion during the Shadowlands pre-patch, the First ones aren’t even the supreme beings and creators, there’s a higher God/entity who created them and set all the rules and driving forces of the Warcraft universe, that the First Ones had to work with and create worlds and stuff with.

And the name of this supreme God is “the Clockmaker”.

(as you can see from the name it’s someone/something STILL related to machines like clocks and printers, but Ion also said the Clockmaker won’t be revealed during Shadowlands at all but later)

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ion says a lot of things but he always lies … thats why i dub him Ion the lier that or what he says is extremely vague so he can back paddle on it like a champ later

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Sure it will, then they will come up with an even brighter idea, truly a genius move that nobody will have anticipated : who created the Clockmaker ?

From now on, unless they finally get their stuff together, they can only go higher in the cosmology. That’s a dead end.


They already did so with SL.
They made the description in Chronicles invalid.

Exactly. So much this. It’s insanely dishonest. They want to make their own thing, but don’t even seem to know what it should be.
It has no connection to WC3.
WoW pretty much murdered the Warcraft lore.


Btw. since everyone and wowhead’s mother is sure that “coming for the soul of Azeroth” is still gonnna be a plot point in 9.2… does that change anything for you? If the reordering of the world has some Azerite and World Soul connection?

For me it doesn’t, but I guess it would make it more azerothian…

I just watched a Bellular video that I found kinda intriguing. Not sure why, considering my stance on that cosmic stuff, but I guess it felt like it made some sense.

In it he discusses the idea that “The First Ones”, are essentially the supreme beings of Order, and that Order pretty much won the first or at least the last round of struggles between the cosmic forces. And it kind of makes sense. The First Ones don’t just use a style that reminds us of the Titans, they also seem to have been obsessed with imposing an order on the world, forcibly creating what was needed to keep the system relatively stable, including ruling and policing forces like pantheons here and there.

And I have to say… that kind of makes the whole concept a bit easier to swallow for me. Why are there 3D printers to create and order the forces? Because the ultimate beings of Order created the system, of course it would be machinistic wherever it could be. We aren’t visiting the centers of creation, we are visiting the centers of reordering. And if it feels strange and alienating… it probably should. The idea would be to create the feeling that there is something wrong with the universe, if the computers are calling the shots. And the First Ones aren’t the ultimate gods, they are just the dominant gods right now. There are equally powerful forces out there that would gladly in-universe retcon pretty much everything we saw in the Chronicles.

I’m not saying that that is a great world-building idea, or that I like it… but I would at least understand how a dev might think that could be a cool concept.

Yes it makes sense, And thing about void they see all possible outcomes, they know they will win at the end, Void is entropy, absence of energy, matter, reality etc. It is basicaly 100% that at some point void will consume everything and there will be nothing again, Cycle will repeat.

Meh as most Bellular lore takes I didn’t like it. Don’t know what else to say really. Didn’t change anything at all for me.

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It certainly doesn’t change the fact that we are moving away from the affairs of Azeroth being our important focal point. And immersion obviously isn’t a priority here. It indeed doesn’t change my criticisms from the starting post one bit.

But as an explanation of how the devs could ever have thought shis might be a cool idea? Yeah, it makes enough sense to me. And I personally feel better having a believable explanation for why they are mucking things up than just being baffled by their decicions. So that’s the way in which the idea Belluar presents is helpful to me.

I don’t think there could be any theory that actaully makes the decisions made seem like a good idea, so that’s not something I would expect from it, and that’s not the theory-makers fault. That’s still on Blizzard.

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