[A] 410 Resto Druid Looking For PVE Guild


About Me:

Age: 29

Ethnicity: White British

Gender: I like to identify as a MALE toaster

Character Name: Ziim

Server: Ravencrest EU

ilvl: 410.3

Class: Druid

Race: Kul Tiran (I like the forms)

Spec: Restoration ONLY

Neck Level: 45

Current Talents: 1-1-3-2-3-3-3

Experience in BFA: 9/9N, 9/9H, 2/9M.

Traits: Work in progress, however I have the best available for my gear (based on sims)

Bnet: Zim#21171

Discord: Zim#7170

Finger Size: 3.1 Inch

Preferred Food: Who cares

Other random information: I like bacon

I have been playing wow since around launch. Always been a healer however I do dabble in tanking and DPS just to understand classes better. I am only looking to heal, however with 8.2 will possibly swap between Heal (MS) to DPS (OS). I am not looking to tank.

I am looking for a guild who speak English and are looking to do content weekly. I am not looking for a guild who extend raid lockouts as soon as they down a boss. I am looking to be part of a core raid team, or at lease I will be available for all raids so I will be expecting a spot. Please check my logs and other relevant information if you feel the need however I am a firm believer on ability over statistics. Let me give you an example, casting tranquillity then some AOE unavoidability spawns at your feet mid cast, I call for a little extra healing to enable my tranquillity to finish its cast. This will and does result in a hit on my logs as I am classed as standing in AOE. Yet the ability to keep half the raid alive take priority IMO. As a experienced player I don’t care about my logs, I do what is needed, when its needed based on priority. Any healer worth their salt would do the same, however if logs are what you prefer to see, I can either cheese them for you, or play the way a healer should especially a druid (pre-emptive healing).

I like to do all content, mainly raids, M+ and some PvP (listed in priority order) This character is now my main, even though I have been swapping chars a lot to help out my old guild. Hence the reason I am a little bit behind on neck level, and ilvl.

I am not looking for a guild who down bosses then don’t bother logging back in until new content, I am an active player who plays all year round.

If you think I would be a good fit for you, please contact me on either bnet or discord, I am currently trailing out a few guilds to see where I fit best. I am not necessarily looking for a high progress guild, however that will have to be the goal of the guild. Please do not contact me if you require me to fill out application forms or do other stupid requests. Consider this my application then bloody trial me like the good old days.

Thank you for reading, my tinder post is now finished :stuck_out_tongue:



How about your Foot Size?

(Kotah) #3

Yo Ziim, check us out. 8/9M, just hitting the wall on Jaina :slight_smile: I’ll add you [A]<Requiem> 8/9 Mythic BoD (8/8M CE Uldir) - Recruiting!