[A] [Argent Dawn] <I have seen worse> 3/10 M Looking for dps and heal

Who are we;
“I have seen worse” was formed in February 2020 with a goal to achieve Ahead of the Curve in every tier.
Majority of the founders have gotten Curve in every tier of BfA and we also dabbled in some early Eternal Palace mythic bosses.
As a guild we got Ny’alotha AoC and finished the tier with 8/12 mythic bosses wich was way more than we even intended to try for.

We want raiding to be a fun and enjoyable experience.
Having a friendly atmoshpere with jokes and banter during trash but a bit more focus and sense of progression on bosses.
We want a focus and clear coms from the moment a pulltimer goes untill boss is dead or we call for wipe.
Our raid days are;
Wednesday 20.00-23.00 Server time
Sunday 20.00-23.00 Server time
Invites goes out at 19.50 and raid itself start at 20.00.
Our current progress is;
3/10M next goal is Artificer.

What is our main focus:
Our goal is to achieve Ahead of the Curve and after that see how far we can go in Mythic in a casual way. We always start a new raid tier with clearing the raid on Normal,
for us to later focus on Heroic. Once we have gotten AoC and have HC on farm, we intend to step into Mythic and see how far we can go but we are not pushing for Mythic progression.

Next to raiding, we also;
-have a nice amount of people who enjoy doing keys, in the range of m0 to +15’s.
-Do weekly events together (timewalking, bonus BG’s)
-Leveling dungeons
-Mog/achievement runs
-Casual pvp
-Torghast runs
-Rated BGs on Thursday evenings
-Keynight on Tuesday evenings

What are we looking for:
We are recruiting DPS and heal for Mythic progression.

What we ask of you;
Being on discord during raids (talking is not a must, hearing call outs is enough).
Have a good attitude and willingness to learn. We want to progress, and we know everyone learns in a different pace and way. Working together we will get the bosses down.
Sign up for raids, and show up if signed. We dont expect people to be there every day, as long as you let us know if you’ll be there or not.
Be enchanted and gemmed if you have sockets. Bring consumables like pots, oils and armor kits. We provide feasts and cauldron but keep some with you in case we would run out.
In regards of pots we ask for health pots on all fights and dps ones on specific ones.
Contribute to the raid. Be it with mats for feasts, tomes, stupid jokes, or idea’s about a change in aproach, every thing helps!

What we offer you;
A chill and friendly, toxic free environment.
Active guild chat and discord.
Lots of gringy yet funny banter.
“Skip the line” Raidbots channel on Discord.
Swedish, Dutch and Italian lessons during raids.

Socials are always welcome.

You can find us in the Guild Finder in game by typing our name into the search field.
You can also contact;
Extraderpy (GM) (btag potatissoppa#1339)
Fangbang (Officer)
Chillram (Officer)
Londara (Officer) for a invite or more info.

Recruitment form: https://forms.gle/y5835QsEqjTDPVj1A

Hello, I am a protection warrior 9/10 HC, rlly close to 10/10HC but I am looking for a new raid to join! Ilvl currently is 215 and am in No need for any CN gear xept shield from generals.

If you are willing to concider me you can always reach me on Discord BdX-#1792

I am sorry, we are not looking for any tanks or dps at the moment.
We are in need of a healer with dps offspec.
I am wishing you luck in finding a team to join.

Small update: due to some conflicting schedules we can now offer an healer spot for both raid days (offspec dps is still very welcomed). We’d still like an holy paladin, resto shaman or disc priest, as we allready have the other healing specs in our team.

Denathrius progress wise, our best pull is 36%. We got phase 1 down to a t and we are now working on cleaning up phase 2 to start progressing on phase 3.

Check the first post for contacts and other infos.

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Update: we got Denny down. We are closing recruitment for now. May open up in the future for some casual mythic prog.

A update: We killed Denny on HC and got our Curve, now have him on farm.
Stepped into Mythic to see how far we can go. Killed Shriek and Huntsman and progressing on Hungering with our best pull at 14% and considered killed on coming Sunday :slight_smile:

We are currently opening up recruitment for dps.
Wednesdays will be rekilling Shriek-Huntsman and after that Heroic reclear with possibility to bring alts.
Sundays are now full on Mythic progression.

We killed Hungering yeasterday as planned. Got some good practice pulls on Artificer, he’s gonna be our next target.
Still looking for dps, healing offspecs would be great.

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We are still looking for dps and also a extra healer.

We made a recruitment form to make things easier, I updated original post with it and will post it here aswell.

Recruitment form: https://forms.gle/y5835QsEqjTDPVj1A