[A] [Bronzebeard] LF Social Guild returning players


After many years away from the game Blizzconline pulled on the on those strings and got me back online. Enjoyed BFA levelling and SL is proving a good story.
Ex hardcore raider [beta vanilla through to MOP, swung by for a swift howdy in Legion and came back about 1 week ago with SL], now looking for a guild that is active in the evenings preferably & has a good social chat - discord or in /g channel.
Would like to have people to do dungeons with, perhaps old content or have a group of friends to help back and decent fun chat. Being out of the game for such a long time still getting the heads up on what has changed and everything going on.

There are 2 of us - Myself and Jupps. He is Beast Mastery hunter & I am a Ele/Resto Shaman

Feel free to contact in game or post any questions or details below, main active hours are GMT 18:00 - 23:00

Hey there! If your down to switching to Horde, I run a small social guild on Draenor and we would love to welcome you and your friend. We are starting to do mythic+ runs as a guild and getting to know everyone! Feel free to read about us and get in touch!

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Hi mate

Our group might be the perfect place for you. We are mostly active in the evenings like you and we love to chat, both on discord and in game.
We group up a lot for various things and adopt the old school playstyle aka helping each other.

I believe your server bronzebeard is connected to ours (Aerie Peak) so you won’t need to transfer or change anything.

If you are interested feel free to get in touch. Sil182#2743

Take care and have fun!


Hi Nataeda and Jupps,

I would like to invite you for a chat. I think BEAST can be a good fit for you both.
And on the plus side, you’re already on the same faction and servers as we play on! :slight_smile:

I will try to reach out to you the coming days, but feel free to add me to your friendlist via Thorck#2781 as well!

More about BEAST can be found here:

Hope to get in touch soon!