[A] Champions of Eonar - social, relaxed, friendly

(Avrorra) #1
Champions of Eonar (aka the guild formerly known as LoKi) is recruiting like-minded, relaxed, casual players for BfA and beyond.

Who we are

A group of close friends from all different backgrounds brought together by our love of WoW. We enjoy a full spectrum of PvE content from levelling, pet and mount collecting, dungeons and mythic+, achievement hunting, all the way up to organised raiding. We have many perks unlocked within the guild, including access to the extra heirlooms. The guild itself ran for several years before WoD with regular raids and social events.

What we're looking for

At the core of it, we're looking for new friends to form lasting bonds and experience the game with. If you're looking for somewhere to call home, to log on away from the stresses and strains of RL, to have a laugh then we might be the guild for you. We accept people from all walks of life provided you can handle yourself with maturity and above all, follow the golden rule of 'treat people as you'd expect to be treated'.

We are particularly open to players who are new to the game and would like a helping hand from us oldies, or players who have troubles with anxiety when it comes to things like pugging. Several of us feel the exact same way, and we'd love to help you experience the content you want to do while feeling safe and respected.


Edit: 11/10/18 - Champions of Eonar does not have its own raid team. We do however have a partnership with a cross-server casual community where our members can take part in raids. If you are looking for a guild with a guild raid team then we wish you luck on your search, but CoE will not be for you.


Feel free to respond to this post or alternatively contact one of our officers. You can always do a /who Champions of Eonar in-game, mail me on this character, or add me on BattleNet for a chat – ShanBear#2133. We look forward to hearing from you! <3

(Avrorra) #2
We're still looking for new members! Drop us a line! <3

(Kerriduil) #3
We've been doing old content Achievement runs on the weekends, and would love to see some new faces =D

(Torena) #4
Still looking for new players!

(Avrorra) #5
Got some lovely new folks through the doors recently! Join us! <3

(Drunktanuki) #6
Hey, im relatively new to the game but find WoW to be the perfect escape from RL! Im a 26 yr old Bar Manager from the UK and enjoy meeting new people and having a good time! Currently levelling my first character and am interested in learning as much as possible! Feel free to add me and invite to guild! Yours is the first ive seen that is what im looking for! Cheers :)

(Avrorra) #7
Continuing to get more 120s rolling and venturing into HC dungeons! Island expeditions are too much fun XD

(Iredzsi) #8
Hey, I'm mainly a horde player but I've decided to level some alliance characters for once and your guild seems like a really nice set of people so I'd appreciate an invite when possible :)

(Avrorra) #9
Hi Iredzsi! I dropped you a message but I think you were busy =) Feel free to add me on BNet (ShanBear#2133) and we'll welcome you aboard!

(Baggypants) #10
I joined very late in Legion after a several-year break (I stopped at the end of BC), and I'm right now just having a blast casual questing and doing dungeons. Due to RL my schedule probably won't admit focused raiding, but I'd love to hang out and do some less strict content. I feel like, coming back after so many years and with limited play time, there's still various areas in which I would qualify as a new player (I have literally no idea about pet battles, for example).
Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Avrorra) #11
Hi Baggypants! We'd be glad to give you a WoW home with us! The officers will keep an eye out (DHpun?) for you and we'll speak soon!

(Avrorra) #12
We are still recruiting! If you're not sure if we're right for you come and chat with us!

(Porlus) #13

I'm a returning player making a fresh start & looking for a home. Aggramar was the first server I played on in vanilla WoW so it seems fitting to start again here. I have been away a very long time, quit during MoP but now I am looking to get back into the swing of things. My playtime is rather limited at the moment due to various family commitments & two teenage kids wanting time on the pc but hopefully, I can eventually work my way towards higher level content.

(Avrorra) #14
Hi Porlus!

Sorry I haven't been able to catch you in-game as of yet! If you're still interested and can't find me, just do a /who Champions of Eonar and contact anyone in the list! If they can't invite you right then, they can get word to someone who can =)

Hope to see you soon!

(Porlus) #15
Yep, unfortunately limited to UK afternoons at the moment but am still interested in joining & will hopefully be in touch soon. I might be able to get on in the evening for a brief period to contact someone, looks like i'm going to have to bite the bullet and get pc's for the kids rooms, then I get my proper gaming time back!

(Trebs) #16
Yes I would like to join your guild.


(Trebs) #17
22/09/2018 18:51Posted by Trebs
Yes I would like to join your guild.

Nothing heard from this guild. I will be looking for another.

(Avrorra) #18
Hi Trebs

I contacted you a couple of weeks ago in-game and didn't receive a response. Since then I personally haven't been online this week due to RL issues, but I did ask my officers to keep an eye out for you. I'm sorry that no-one has been able to catch you.

If you're not interested any more then I understand and wish you the best of luck in your search.

(Avrorra) #19
Update to the recruitment post regarding raiding - As stated, CoE doesn't have a raid team and going forward we are investing our time in a casual raid community to fulfil that. Guild recruitment is still open but we are focussed on attracting social players as mentioned in the top post =)

(Dragonbait) #20
I'm interested in joining but I have trouble finding you in game. ^_^)*