[A] Chill Swedish raiding guild

If you’re that few people you might as well just make a new guild. Also, if you have zero intentions of roleplaying I’d once more recommend, albeit this time only in English and a tad salty, settling on another realm. Silvermoon has a lot of Swedes.


This can be easily solved by making a ticket to Blizzard asking them to allow you to change the guild name to something less silly instead of paying it / getting reported for it.

I apologise for my comments if they’ve upset you.

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we so chill lol!

No offense taken. Simply finding the whole “just English” rule a little silly although somewhat logical.

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I’m sure you don’t need me to explain but it’s simply so forum mods can read and understand comments (as not all of them will be bi-lingual).


Nope, you can’t do that.

“ Moderators need to be able to read everything you write to make sure it’s not unsuitable for the forums. If we can’t, we have to assume the worst and consider the post a breach of the forum guidelines. Posts not in English are subject to deletion.
Note: an extra version in English is not good enough, as a moderator can’t verify that the non-English text is the same as the English one.”
Source: Welcome, Please Read! - #3 by Aerythlea-2611


Swedish people begin mandatory education in english at around ages 5 to 6 so anyone not speaking english by the time they begin looking for a raiding guild is probably not a viable candidate anyway due to their crippling lack of discipline.

That’s taking it a bit far and smells an awful lot like the lack of specific knowledge/language equals stupidity-rhetoric.

Why a guild, that has NO intention to create an RP content is rolling on an RP server?
“Yeah, we just like RPing on the side” then roll on a less RP focused server such as Silvermoon.
At this point this is really getting disturbing, with how many purely OOC guilds are popping out, that have no intention to add to RP scene in any significant way.

Being smart and lacking discipline are not the same thing no, I don’t know why you would equate those two. I will concede that my intention was “why is this swedish guild posting a swedish recruting post on a roleplaying server that more often than not demands a fairly good grasp of the english language, this doesn’t sound very smart at all”.

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Honestly, I see more English mistakes from UK and US people than from Scandinavians.

I don’t know anyone IRL who doesn’t speak English well.

Benefits of picking up on it academically instead of struggling with would of and their/they’re due to phonetic learning, I imagine.

I like the questions of “Why would a purely swedish guild type swedish on the forums?” when any server with a huge chunk of swedes will just be swedish in public channels.

Anywho, english on forums and you’ll have a better time on say, Silvermoon or Ravencrest.

You may not think so no, but a lot of people equate a lack of discipline as laziness and stupidity. It’s one of the driving factors of microaggressions and even racism towards people not native to the country they live in. You don’t speak the language? That must mean you’re not interested in engaging in our culture and therefor you are lazy, stupid, and don’t deserve to be here.

I realise it’s just a comment on the forums, but small things such as calling out someone’s preference for a language as a crippling lack of discipline can have dire consequences, especially in these times.

The fitness side of the Rogansphere begins to curl aggressively

Congrats with your new car you bought in February, i guess…

If i catch you curling in the squat zone, we are going to have a problem.

they know how to speak english, they just don’t care. It’s some weird thing swedish WoW players have had since the game came out where they refuse to speak english

they know how to speak english, they just don’t care. It’s some weird thing german/french/spanish/russian/italian WoW players have had since the game came out where they refuse to speak english

not really comparable to the swedish. It was super noticable recently when playing classic where it’s returned but over the 10+ years i’ve played the game there’s been a huge number of swedish guilds exclusively advertising in swedish / for swedish speakers only

surely you know what i’m talking about… as a fellow swede…? i’ve even been part of one when i was like 12 and didnt know better

It’s not a Swede-exclusive phenomenon. There have been for example numerous Dutch guilds on AD.

The ellipses tell me you’re secretly Danish.

certainly not, but the amount of swedish-exclusive guilds popping up through the years is really quite inordinate compared to the rest.

frankly, I’d go as far as saying that swede-only guilds/people asking if you are swedish in a dungeon so that they can speak swedish to you are a recognised WoW meme by now

i believe i’ve said my piece, however, and i shall not be trashing up this thread any longer