A flaw in the forums

I found your hidden post in another thread, no doubt reported for the masked profanity…

I was shown which message was flagged and deleted the last time I experienced this on the forums.

I do however agree that it would be nice for there to be an automatic link to the post in question when it is flagged enough to be hidden.

And what is wrong with my post?
I just dont want any spammers in the forums.
Is that a crime?

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I already answered that.

Oh… you can read my mind? :smiley: Is that it?
You have some super-powers or something?

You asked where the post was, I linked it and provided a possible reason why it was reported… nothing more, nothing less.


Calling spammers “spammers” is a profanity?

You know full well the words I saw and assumed the reason for report… I will leave it there.



I get you, man. A lil late :slight_smile:

So looking at the topics you made the past few hours I’m guessing you got banned and are sore about it?

Its not the point if Im banned or not…
I just want to know why I am banned!!!

There is no message or any response, just this “system message” from the picture.

Improve your system and at least sent some post to the banned guy to know why he is banned.

Its because you mask swear words and are very hostile to other posters .


My god this guy is freaking hammered.


I have mentioned it before in forum flaws seems still not improved.

Im trying to say the “WoW Forum ban system” is broken.
Dont post old shet to ban me again, hehe.

The first post! Just look it and fix it.

these forums sucking hard is why you only see the same 10-20 people in every thread - most posters with anything interesting to say have left by now, hopefully we’ll see some again come SL

also mods playing bias is another no no in my book

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You appear to have some sort of learning disability.

You need to learn that using deliberately mis spelt profanities is what most of you post are getting flagged for.

So until you learn how to articulate yourself without resorting to profanities and bad language your post will continue to get flagged and eventually, I’m sure, you will be sent on a forum holiday.


Pro tip: if you ever need to swaer just put {REDACTED}. It’s ambiguous, not masking so valid, and takes long enough to type that you can decide if the profanity is necessary.

Another Pro tip: Don’t Drunkpost. Drunkposts are like going “I’ve had fifteen gin and tonics, I think I’ll phone my ex, because I’m feeling charming”

It never ends the way that you think it will, plus the difference between drunkposting and the above example, is that if you post when absolutely skullmonkeyed then -everyone- can see it the next morning, its basically naming and shaming yourself…


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