A flaw in the forums

You appear to have some sort of learning disability.

You need to learn that using deliberately mis spelt profanities is what most of you post are getting flagged for.

So until you learn how to articulate yourself without resorting to profanities and bad language your post will continue to get flagged and eventually, I’m sure, you will be sent on a forum holiday.


Pro tip: if you ever need to swaer just put {REDACTED}. It’s ambiguous, not masking so valid, and takes long enough to type that you can decide if the profanity is necessary.

Another Pro tip: Don’t Drunkpost. Drunkposts are like going “I’ve had fifteen gin and tonics, I think I’ll phone my ex, because I’m feeling charming”

It never ends the way that you think it will, plus the difference between drunkposting and the above example, is that if you post when absolutely skullmonkeyed then -everyone- can see it the next morning, its basically naming and shaming yourself…


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