[A] GLHF Heroic Weekend Raiding guild LF DPS


We are looking for a few more DPS to join us at GLHF on Lightbringer, Alliance.

About GLHF

GLHF is a 18+ casual heroic weekend raiding guild that aims to get Curve every tier in a timely manner, while maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere within the raid team. We raid every Saturday and Sunday from 20.00 - 23.00 server time and put up two weekly Mythic+ events that people can join.

We’re currently 9/9 Heroic BoD, 2/2 Heroic CoS and 8/8 Heroic EP.

What are we looking for and what do we expect?

We’re looking for raiders that spend a good amount of time working on their main characters outside of raids and mythic+, as to not fall behind too much on their neck level and gear, raiders who are also prepared for raids (bringing consumables) and have a positive attitude when it comes to wiping and raiders that can take constructive criticism when needed as well as raiders that are reliable show ups.

We have a set of rules/expectations that both trials and raiders are required to follow on our website.

Having a mic to communicate with us is a big plus, as we use Discord to talk during the raids and a nice chat when we haven’t pulled is always nice.

We are currently not looking for tanks or healers, we especially want the following DPS classes:



  • Mage [ High ]
  • Ranged Hunter
  • Shadow Priest
  • Other Ranged [medium]

Currently full on Melee. We only consider one WW monk at the moment.

Tanks: Full.

Healers: Full.

Don’t be afraid to drop an application or send us a friend request for questions about the guild or the classes we’re recruiting.

Drop me a friendship request on Battlenet: Tsumiki#21486 or add Mythalia#6125 on Discord (same people :wink: ).
Drop an application at our website glhflightbringer.enjin.com

Xan and Tsumiki/Edgymyth (Co-GMs)


We still need more DPS - details in post.

Since I felt the need to post this… Please, please, look at our class list of what we need or priority list on WoWprogress if you want to roll something what we ‘‘specifically’’ need.

We will never ask someone to specifically reroll this or that class because we will always tell you that you should in the end play what you most enjoy or what you are most comfortable with. If you really, really insist, we’ll help with a choice (we follow our priority as well… exactly as listed on Wowprogress or our website) but we won’t hold ourselves accountable for any unhappiness following that.

Per usual, don’t be afraid to write me a message on Discord or Battlenet if you have any questions - this post is just a headsup as we get many questions and many talks of ‘‘If you need this or that…’’.