[A/H-RP] Saving Little Wing


Saving Little Wing

Posters with the following text have been (gently) nailed to every single tree in every single city imaginable, without exception.


Below the short text, you´ll find a picture of an adorable - if not the most adorable - Hippogryph Hatchling, with feathers brighter than the sun.

Forget about The Old Gods…
Forget about saving Azeroth…
And forget about wanting the head of someone on a stick.

Get your priorities straight!

Little Wing, one of the most aspiring Hippogryph Hatchlings, has gone missing and it up to you to make sure, he is brought back safe.

So bring your weapon, wisdom and wildflower, for you might need it all, when The Botany Band adventure deep into the lush jungle of Feralas.

In search for both Little Wing and a cure for the taint of corruption, that has been inflicted upon Feralas for far too long, we might deal with both a…Flying fox and a Ferocious ogre…? – some of them rumored to not even be wearing a shirt.

If you are an experienced botanist, gathering of the following will absolutely benefit us on our adventure.

(Having prepared them beforehand into both salve, potion and elixir will be greatly appreciated too; it is the intention for this event to ‘just’ last around two hours.)

- The Emerald Shimmercap

An eerily-glowing green mushroom whose surface shimmers with the energies of the Emerald Dream.
Found at the green pools of Felwood.
This fungus is infused with the magics of the Emerald Dream, and does not feed from the fel of the pools, but rather works to cleanse it. It can be consumed as a mushroom paste as well to cleanse fel taint from those afflicted.

- Aloe Thistle
Spiked, thick green leaves growing in clusters.
Found at Karnum’s Glade in Desolace.
The liquid within this may be used for burns, infections and other skin issues.

- Fuming Toadstool
A sickly yellow cap with a cream stalk.
Found at the damp areas among the crumbled stones of the Ruins of Lornesta in Darkshore. (If you are bringing your Horde character, this is your time to shine, given you have easier access to this one right now. Seize this opportunity, it might have an immense impact on restoring the faith between the factions.)
The Fuming Toadstoool can be mixed into a salve, which will close wounds and lessen pain.

- The Moonleaf
There appears to have been left out information on this one. Intentional? Should it have been on the list?

- The Moonpetal Lilies
White lilies with tall golden pistils, and bright magenta and flame-colored interiors.
Found at Water’s edge in Shadowglen (Only those who have compressed, dried specimens will be able to bring this. It is no longer possible to obtain, since replanting it outside of Shadowglen has proving unsuccessful up until now.)
Their residue is potent enough on its own to create an antidote against the poisonous spiders of Feralas, should we need it.

- Crying Violet
Small, delicate purple blooms with yellow eyes.
Found in Felwood.
These flowers, which shiver their petals at the slightest sound, can be used to purify corrupted Moonwell water, if infused properly.


Expect turbulence, when I take an enormous leap in attempt to host my very first roleplay event.

Tuesday the 23rd of April at 20.00 server time

Who is invited
Everyone are so very welcome to join. In case you want to take part in this on your Horde, please let us know in advance, so everyone can equip themselves with the Cross RP AddOn as well as the Elixir Of Tongues.

Last night at the Herbal Hangout it was reported, that some had difficulty getting the Elixir of Tongues to work? I have experienced the odd bug here and there with the Cross RP AddOn myself. Here´s to hoping it will not be an issue.

We start at The Greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran. (Broken Isles) After short preparations, the journey will take us to Nijel´s Point in Desolace - then the outskirts of Desolace and finally, to Feralas.

Please send me or Dulvarinn Moonwalker a mail in game, or leave a note here, so you can be invited through the in game calendar. Dulvarinn will handle the invites (low techy techy Alunaria, tsk). Thank you!

I would very much appreciate to have an overview of who will participate beforehand.

I only picked up roleplay a few months ago - I did a lot of research on this, but chances are, that I might have left something out. Then please, let me know :slight_smile:

Until Tuesday! :four_leaf_clover:

Oh, something I forgot to include, since we cannot trade between factions. If those participating on their Horde could please bring an “Inky Black Potion” each, that would be fantastic, thank you :slight_smile:

Looking for a new home
(Grawle) #2

Having read the poster, Gordon hastily writes Alunaria a letter.

"Greetings, Alunaria!
I hope you are well and illumined by Elune.

A thought occurred to me as I read the poster about Little Wing.

Is a certain experience level required? For example Northrend or Outlands (or comparable) experience? Or a flying license?

I only ask in order to best decide who I shall most recommend this to. I have someone in mind with adequate experience, I think, but perhaps others might want to know as well.

Light of the New Moon guide you.



Helping the Kaldorei? Helping a baby hippogryph? Crusader Lara Sunrose will be there in all his radiant glory.

I added the event to the Hand’s guild calendar, so hopefully more of us will make an appearance!


Alunaria hastily writes back to Gordon.

Greetings, Gordon
As the Goddess wills, the illumination we once knew shall return.

A flying license will not be nessesary; I have made arrangements, so that the strongest hippogryphs will await our arrival, and most of them can carry two passengers at once with ease. That being said, not all of them are able to, but they are familiar with the route ahead, and can circulate around.

Feralas is said to be a dangerous land, so experience in the wilderness would absolutely be both helpful and recommended to have.

I hope this answers your questions.

For Kalimdor.


@Linaria (Sorry, I don´t know why I cannot respond to two in a row in the usual way!)

The hunt awaits.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate you adding it to your Guild Calendar :slight_smile:


I’d love to come to this!


We would love to see you!


I went searching for the herbs mentioned on the poster, and the only one I found was the aloe thistle, as a quest item. I guess (some of) the others are quest items as well, and not herbalism-gatherable plants?


Exactly, it’s meant to add a little more depth and immersion to it; the mentioned herbs have been picked exclusively from quests. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear! And so, it is entirely up to you and your imagination, what your character is able to bring and mix - run freely :slight_smile:


The nature and it’s inhabitants must be aided. I will come to help when you need it. Aka’magosh!


OOC: Fantastic, Karzhuk! I would really like to get in touch with you before the event, if that could be arranged :slight_smile:

A few additional things:

Everyone: If you could equip yourself with one Inky Black Potion, that would be great.

I have enough for the Alliance joining, but sadly cannot trade across factions.

It would also be very helpful, if you map out the fastest way to Desolace, the journey to there will take place OOC, so we can get to bed before midnight :wink:


OOC: Definitely. Just name the time and place, and I’ll try to be there :slight_smile:


OOC: I´ll try to catch you on your side - I´m usually online from around 19.30 and two hours ahead, would that work? :slight_smile:


OOC: I can catch that time. 19:30 is probably my 20:30 anyway, so I’ll be logging in 20 mins, that gives you plenty of time to find me on Horde side. I can also log in my Alliance alt to poke you if that’s viable?

(Hathorion) #14

I’ll try to be there!


Gotcha! :wink:

@ Hathorion, we look forward to see you!

3 Elixirs of Tongues will be recommended as well as 1 Inky Black Potion (and the mentioned flasks/elixirs/herbs/mushrooms, whatever is possible to gather)


With some luck, you might bump into one of the locals, who might offer to help.


Intriguing :slight_smile: If you could be so kind and contact me OOC in game for just a hint of clarification though; we might be on a somewhat strict timetable :wink: Thank you!


I belatedly learned that Inky Black Potion is only sold on Darkmoon Isle, which is currently unavailable (unless there’s another way to get there when the big Elwynn portal isn’t around?)… Well, at least Gordon got me some Elixir of Tongues.


Not to worry, it was optimistic of me to throw it in here, considering the limited options of obtaining it.

I have over 100 on the Alliance side though, how about I throw some on the Auction House in an hour or two? I’m not up to date with the cross faction Auction possibilities, it is still linked from Booty Bay?

As said, the Inky Black Potion is just for your own immersion, Feralas at night time is absolutely beautiful :slight_smile:

Edit. Oh, hold on! Sorry I’m writing on the go and not paying enough attention. You’re on the Alliance side, yes? I plan on OOC trading it to everyone there right before we start. :slight_smile:

Either way, I’ll throw some on the Auction House tonight.


I am in actuality a herb- and alchemy-dabbling Alliance “freelance” animal-friendly scout of sorts, yes. I seem to have broken the forum with my name being similar to that of an aspiring blood elf paladin…