(A) LF casual HC guild in Shadowlands

I’m a player that have just returned for the new upcoming expansion (Suprise!).
I am currently looking for a guild to do m+, raids and other fun stuff with. Preferably HC guild.
I will most likely main healer, not decided which class yet. Hit me up if you got a spot for a healer in Shadowlands.


Hello Sphex.

We are [Faster than Lag] and we are going to be a HC raiding guild together with m+ in SL. We are quite new and still in the rebuilding phase.

I hope that you want to be a part of our journey into SL and experience everything with us. We do have a avaliable spot atm for a healer :slight_smile:

You can read more here

You are very welcome to add me on Btag if you want to know more or have any questions Justme#21312

Have a great day
Best regards

Hello there,
Are you interested in semi-hardcore late night raiding guild(Kazzak-Horde) with 3 days a week schedule. Raiding times from 22pm to 01am. Our goal is heroic clear on every raid tier and pushing mythic. If you’re interested whisper me on my battlenet Serphentos#2992

RAID Shadowlands Legends is recruiting some more people on Stormscale
We could use some extra healers
We raid twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays 20.00-23.00. AOTC and Mythic progression.

apart from that we are a very social group, that also likes to play other stuff at times. Also have a M+ player base.

Contact me on Discord DirtyHaribo#0676 for more info.

Hai mate!!! We at All Desire H are a VERY active guild, we have still 4/5 events on calendar right now, 10 days before prepatch.

If you’d consider Horde we probably have a healer spot going into SL on on raid team (we raid twice a week progress and will aim for 2nd half of Mythic bosses in SL, no CE but decent progress hopefully). Our raid days will be Mon/Thu 20:00 ST.