[A] Motion - Ravencrest - [3/10M] [10/10HC]

Motion - Ravencrest EU is a Mythic progression raiding Guild that focuses on Mythic endgame content & creating an enjoyable raiding environment for its members. We are always looking for exceptional players of any class or Spec.

History - The guild is returning after a 5 year break and we have achived 4 cutting edges before together. We have a small roster at the moment but will continue to grow over this tier with the main goal being mythic progression next tier.

One of the many attributes we look for in a guild member is the ability to follow instructions and communicate well. Reading this post, following the instructions and producing a well written application will increase your chances of being accepted.

Raid Times - If we are close to a progression kill we might extend the time by 30 mins.

Thursday (From 20:00 - Till 23:00 Server Time)
Monday (From 20:00 - Till 23:00 Server Time)

About Us

Motion offers a great friendly raiding environment with our main group focusing on Mythic endgame progression. Outside of raiding we chat on discord, run other raids and some of us also play other games together as well.

As a raider you will be supplied with flasks and feasts but we do ask you to have your own as well. We do have a daily repair bill, all from our guild bank. In addition to this we are a very alt friendly and stable guild. Having multiple characters and taking on the many challenges World of Warcraft offers with fellow guild members is something we highly encourage within Motion.

Our Expectation of Raiders

Your main character should be your priority as far as playing and progress goes. It should be as good as it can be in the current content. This is the character we expect them to bring on all official raids and focus on developing and progressing through the end game content.

This includes:

Ensuring your character is fully optimized for progression raiding
Being fully gemmed and enchanted
Having relevant talent choices, gems, enchants, upgrades & professions

Experience & Attitude

We expect our raiders to be dedicated, thorough, motivated and great team players. We are not interested in people that need to be told how to play. You are expected to fully understand how your character works on those encounters and in a general sense what will be expected of you.


If you would like to apply for motion join our discord and follow the #apply instructions.

For any questions please message one of the officers.

Officers: Váyna and Levixus

Thanks for reading & see you in-game!!

Just looking for both Melee and Ranged DPS spots now :slight_smile:

Really looking to add a Monk, DK, Warlock and also cosnidering any other exceptional applications.

Still have Melee and Ranged DPS Spots available.

Really looking to add a DK and some ranged DPS.