[A, Outland] looking to join or start a small guild

Hi! I’m a 22 year old university student from Sweden. Currently Im just in a guild (a dead one) for the guild perks, but Im looking to either join a small community or start a new one if enough people would be available.
As a wow player Im mostly casual but thinking abort starting with more mythic+ and raids once shadowlands launches.
Im mostly looking for people that are available on either discord or active in the guild chat.

Hello, i am the guildmaster of the flat azeroth society :smiley: We are a small guild with focus on mythic plus, although we will raid in sl with a small ( 10man) raid group, The guild has no plans of doing mythic raiding, only heroic. The guild chat is quite active with some core members. Its quite hard to recruit people that actually utter a word in the chat, so you are more than welcomed.

If you wanna join, just hit me up Unikron#21873 or write down yours

Hello Vennetta ! (Yes we are horde but please read on)

Faster than lag is a newly created guild that will focus on HC raids and Mythic+ as much as it’s possible. I cannot promise you Mythic raiding because we want to keep the guild as a guild were everyone knows each other instead of really big.

As we are newly started our Gchat is definetly active and we do have a discord aswell. Please give us a read here. You are also very welcome to add me on Btag Justme#21312

Best regards :slight_smile:

Hi that sounds like exactly what Im looking for, Ill send you a pm!