(A) Retired - Sanctum of Domination HC 10/10

Well hey there lil gamberino. Or potential recruit, your preference I guess…

Retired’s recruitment doors are open for Shadowlands!

We are an established stable guild who have been going since the early TBC, and are now part of the Arathor/Hellfire/Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem conglomeration. Otherwise known as AHKNR, or HARKN. KRHAN? Either way it sounds like Klingon.

We are currently firming up our roster in anticipation of the release of Shadowlands and have the following openings:

Current recruitment:

  • Tanks – potential room for a 3rd tank with a dps offspec willing to rotate/cover as needed.
  • Melee DPS – all applications considered though at current we specifically lack a Demon Hunter to buff the actual dps. High interest also in Rogue and Warrior.
  • Ranged DPS – again all applications considered, can never have enough ranged mechanic fodder. High interest in Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest.
  • Healers – currently limited dependant on dps contingent.
  • We will also consider group applications if you are looking for a change with a friend or 4.

Some info about the guild:

  • Retired is a social guild that raids 3 times a week, focused on clearing current content on Heroic difficulty.
  • Our raid days are Thursday, Sunday and Monday.
  • Other days involve raids for alts, slave fishing labour etc.
  • Raids are from 20:30GT to 23:15GT.
  • We currently use Discord. Being able to speak isn’t a requirement (though we like to hear your dulcet tones) but we use voice-chat as the main method of communication during raids.

We expect the raiders to:

  • We try to maintain a fairly consistent roster of raiders, so we prefer our members to try and maintain a 70% attendance to raids. This of course takes into consideration sudden holidays/arranged sick leave etc.
  • Have the correct addons (Omen, DBM/BigWigs)
  • Be prepared. i.e. know the basic strategies, bring flasks, food. pots etc…
  • Ask if there is something you don’t understand.
  • Don’t take advice or sweets from Damson.

If you have any questions or need some further info, please feel free to contact any of the Officers in-game (Phaeton or Aurica), add us on Battlenet at phaeton#2286 or Deegeejay#1390, or catch me on Twitter @battlerezauri

If you are interested, check out our guild forum www.retired-guild. org , read a bit of our history (it’s hilarious, I’m allowed to say that, I wrote it) and make an application!

OP updated with current progress. Grong is definitely dead now!

OP updated with progress. Cashed in Opulence and heading to the Conclave party!

OP updated with current progress and recruitment.

The Conclave party was a real rave, let’s see if Rastakhan is up for more.

OP updated, now 6/9 HC. Rastakhan was a nice chill out session after Conclave. Now to melt my mind on Mekkatorque… purple chicken…red spanner…

OP updated with current progress of 8/9 HC.

OP updated with current recruitment and progress. HC Jaina defeated, on to the Crucible of Storms!

OP updated with current progress and recruitment. Get in for the HC Uu’nat kill (fingers crossed please) and in prep for Patch 8.2!

Hey :slight_smile:

May consider this guild - seems fairly laid back and a step back from the hardcore environments I’ve been in for the last year or 2.

Here’s what we’ve been looking for: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/h-stormscale-looking-to-transfer-to-a-any-server/24425/3

Hi guys! Glad to see you are considering us. In terms of your linked post, we are definitely not a mythic progression guild. Our aim each tier is to get Ahead of the Curve from clearing Heroic. No issues with Luan being social in the time being, joining as and when, maybe with more full time down the line if it suits.

I can’t attest to if Arathor is high population enough though. Its been my home for seventymillion years so nothing to compare to.

OP updated with current progress and recruitment. Uu’nat is no more on Heroic! Bolstering ranks in the lead up to 8.2, which is “soon” apparently.

OP updated with current progress and recruitment. Getting stuck into the Eternal Palace.

OP updated with current progress. Working on that Za’qul, Harbinger of Meni Realms.

OP updated with current progress and recruitment. Lets go Azshara ho!

OP updated. And we’ve done it, Azshara is down on Heroic!

Come join us for whatever may wait on the horizon!

Hey, i was wondering if you guys would be planning to step into mythic? If you do i might be interested to join with my balance druid (ilvl 432) :grin: if you still need people that is

Hi Sélucia,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was /afk in RL!
Sorry to say we don’t have any plans to start looking at mythic anytime soon.
I hope you find what you are looking for out there though!


OP updated. 8.2.5 is here, and what exactly is Sylvanas up to? Join us next time in 8.3 to find out!

Our scheduled raiding is currently on a break until the anniversary event/8.3 launches, however recruitment will remain open in preparation for Ny’alotha!

8.3 is here! Recruitment is back open, ready for getting into Ny’alotha the Waking City next week!