(A) Silvermoon RETURNED player lf mythic guild

Hello, Im Jayninja =) Im 27 years old
I’m looking for a guild that does mythic raids, i have been capping mythic+ on 3-4 chars solo, and in this time i have deleted all Alts i have deleted maybe 20 110+, and found out that Warlock+paladin+Warrior is me. I have a demon hunter alt and a 60 twink mage…

Anyway as time went by i have gotten 477 gear on warri 472 on lock 471 on pala, i have just been capping and doing mythic+ each week. I do +5 mask on all chars and daily it up on all 3 chars.

I’m looking for a guild that would recruit me as i am mostly a pvp player and in all honesty if its not competitive in pve i go pvp, in s11 i got glad as i boosted a guy for 300k and i want to see if i can get rank 1 in pvp haven t tried. And havent really played since cata, my prime was wotlk but back then i had a life :smiley:

so basicly im 105% mastery on pala, doing 550k chaos bolts on dummy, warrior is just too easy in 5 masks,

i want a guild with atleast 3/12 mythic. And im willing to process.

I Feel done at pve after i got immortal title in wotlk (With no dbm first try) Risen guild yo So there is no more to archieve

Its kinda hard to play solo tho and waiting for those chests each week is like christmas however… it gets kinda dark doesent it :smiley: … i want to explore it more and have ppl playing and willing to play and not just be boring cause i play so bad when i am falling asleep. I can play maybe do mythic+ more competitive i mean *20+

But honestly its for pvp, im licking all over that 485 ring i know wow, and some people dont even need it :o

But i have no raiding experience ever since i think that big dragon on hardmode that one with the adds and stuff in cata i think it was last boss :smiley:

But im very active, very positive, and have control over my feelings Eg dont rage, eg dont think this game is my life, I am not toxic but i can “play” toxic and thats fun to me

The fun to me in being toxic is the reverse psychology That people actually have feelings in this game and its so fun to see how ppl that blame that you are toxic are the ones laughing at the screen and having feelings thinking these people in wow are their friends its so much fun, you should see me on classic :smiley: its so much fun for me to do something toxic and watch or duel some people, or make level 1s and troll if someone thinks hes the boss

The whole facade in wow is what i love about this game.

But all in all i can play if its progressing i can be in my flow and play like a pro, but if i make mistakes 24/7 i get bored but then you give a little more to win the game right

To recap i want a guild for pvp gear, however i want to play competitive im in tune with myself and i love this game, i got time and im calm i have no raiding experience since last boss in cata, and i boosted a guy in pvp for 300k in cata just to leave the game… just to show how easy it was. i came back and i enjoy it.

I like my own theory crafting and im going full mastery on ret pala + biggest weapon, full out haste proc+ 12% versa stacks on destru, 30% crit on warrior with cut of death. I dont know if that is any good, but i played back when ppl had to use their own brain :smiley: Im not a fan of using other peoples ideas you can take a bit but not all The same comes to boss fights

Also i am not doing any neck artifact power except the emissary before i have nothing left to do, i have 87 neck on all 3 chars and they are all my mains =) So i would be able to raid on all 3 warrior pala+ lock my demon hunter is also 460 ilvl atm with 87 neck im only gonna care about that when i have time

Hi :blush:. Rome in a Day is looking for a few dps to complete our roster - we would definitely be interested in another warlock!

If you’d like to discuss pls just let me know. The post I’ve linked below has more info.


I misspelt my bnet id! It’s Oryin#2738 :slight_smile: