{A} SP and WW lf a new home

Hi guys,

Me and a friend are in search of a new home. We are playing the game since vanilla and got alot raid experience since then . We are both from the Netherlands and around 29y old. Fun is equal to performance for us so we look for a stable place with people that have the same mindset. We are both 10/10 N and 7/10 HC and have done some mythic raiding in the past. We look for a guild thats raids Sunday and Thursday around 20:00-23:00 GT. It would be nice if the guild plans on doing mythic long term. Leave your BTag and the reason why we should contact you.


Hello, server transfer/faction change are a thing ? Maybe you will like the thread below…

Hi there Haldiras,

If you guys are still looking for a guild have a look at ours!

Hey Haldiras,

Give us a look

Hey There,

I know you’re looking for Sunday and Thursday however if Monday and Thursday is an option.
Disciples is currently 9/10HC, Looking to finalise it’s roster for Mythic.

If this is of interest add me on tag Vanq#2404

Hello there! If your looking at a friendly close knit raiding guild we might be what you look for, hit me up on bnet DizzleDale#2165