[A] Sugar Rush -9/9 HC 1/9 M BoD- is recruiting!

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27/10/2018 12:34Posted by Jicks
My boyfriend and I joined Sugar Rush about a month and a half ago. We wanted to get more into raiding, and after a few disastrous experiences pugging, we started looking for a more regular group. Raiding with Sugar Rush has been great. Everything is explained clearly, and I wasn't afraid to ask questions without someone having a go at me about it. Now we're part of a team pushing content we hadn't imagined we'd be doing when we started playing WoW again towards the end of Legion. But since joining them, it's become more than just having ppl to raid with. Sure there is the usual stuff - running lots of mythic +, leveling alts and the occasional fishing raid. But it's like being part of a little community, and if someone says they are having trouble with smtg, a bunch of ppl offer to help. It's great and makes me happy I ended up finding myself with such a lovely group.

We at Sugar Rush are delighted beyond measure to have the two of you with us! <3


Mythic Zek’voz is now down and we’re sitting at 3/8M! Bumpy bump for some lovely new people to come and help us beat up Vectis!


Still looking for some lovely people to join us for the rest of Uldir! All exceptional applicants considered. Give me a nudge, I don’t bite, honest!

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Sugar Rush is still recruiting for its mythic roster and we’re looking to clear as much of the current raid tier as we can.
Join us and let’s have a sweet adventure together!


Vectis is about to bite the dust (5%!) and we are still hunting for recruits to join us for the rest of mythic Uldir and beyond! Come and join the wonderful madness that is Sugar Rush!

All interested players will be considered, just give me a whisper for more details :slight_smile:

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Vectis is dead, and our guild progression is 4/8 M right now. Hoping to close the deal with Fetid quick and move on the last 3 bosses of the instance.
If you’re still interested in joining, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Fetid bit the dust pretty quickly and we’re now working on Zul! Come and help us finish up in Uldir :smiley:

All classes and specs will be considered - give me a nudge for a chat!

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Uldir is done, and we go home with a 5/8 score. Ready to start progression anew with the new raid. Recruitment is still open, make sure to contact us if you’d like to run with us! :smiley: