[A] Sugar Rush -9/9 HC 2/9 M BoD- Is recruiting!

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Greetings, sweet denizens of Azeroth. Sugar Rush is a progressive PvE guild, seeking to bolster its ranks for the many challenges in Battle for Azeroth! On top of multiple raids and numerous mythic + runs happening throughout the week, Sugar Rush is unique in the aspect that, in addition to our mythic raids, it endeavors to make capable raiders out of people who have been interested in the PvE aspect of the game, yet never found the chance to truly
get into it. Does that sound interesting? Read on to find out more!

About Us
Sugar Rush was founded by a group of friends who have been playing together on and off since early TBC. Throughout our long journey, we have witnessed the rise and fall of guilds. In our opinion, most guilds eventually die out due to a couple of reasons: Having no clear goal in mind for the future, and having no sense of identity. One thing that was always constant throughout these years, was the fact that new and inexperienced players of the game, when properly tutored and coached, often turned into the finest raiders we have come to know. In this regard, Sugar Rush stands out since it was formed deeply rooted in the ideals of a guild that attracts, shapes and finally produces capable players in the PvE aspect of the game. Our ultimate goal is very clear: To form a relaxed atmosphere where our members can get together, learn and eventually overcome all obstacles in their way, as part of a cohesive team.

Schedule and Requirements
The Sugar Rush raid schedule for the progression runs are on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Mondays starting at 20:00 and lasting until around 23:00 server time, whereas our more casual/social run happens on Sundays at the same time. Right now, we’re on the lookout for a Retribution Paladin (a holy offspec wouldn’t hurt!) specifically, although all applications are considered regardless of class and spec.
I can not stress this enough; if you feel you would be a great fit for the guild please get in touch regardless of class/role!
Who are we looking for?
Raiders, casuals, transmog hunters and dungeon crawlers are all very wanted and appreciated in Sugar Rush. Moreover, we also extend a welcoming hand towards the player base that has been willing, yet otherwise unable to, get into PvE content as the biggest aspect of World of Warcraft. As such, Sugar Rush will greatly value players that:

  • Always wanted to do raids of relevant difficulty and get to experience the challenge it provides, yet have been so far reluctant due to the somewhat hostile environment of pugs in LFR, or due to the stress of failing various boss mechanics,
  • Have been curious about the Mythic + content, but due to similar reasons stated above, have not yet managed to get involved and fully experience this new addition to World of Warcraft.

Sugar Rush aims to provide a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere where our members, regardless of their experience or familiarity with the content, can get together, learning and growing as one team, eventually becoming capable players in all aspects. The opportunity will always be there to raid with us socially, and then eventually progress into the mythic group.

What do we expect from you?
As a community that seeks to grow and strengthens the bonds between its members, Sugar Rush is established on the concept of mutual respect between all guildies regardless of their skill level or background. In addition, our members are expected to attend to any and all events that they have signed up for in the calendar and stay with the group until it is over. Emergencies do happen, and we all agree that real life takes precedence over WoW, but constantly leaving raid and dungeon groups is not a cool thing to do.

What can you expect from us?
Our core mythic raid team will be entering BoD with the intention of progressing through the mythic content in a timely and efficient manner, whilst also maintaining the integral friendly atmosphere that makes Sugar Rush so special. You can expect three weekly mythic raids from us (or heroic in the first instance at the start of the tier), along with multiple mythic+ runs throughout the week and endless chatter and fun times in guild chat.
Furthermore, you can also expect our more social Sunday runs to be a staple in the guild, and there will always be a friendly face and a helping hand there to assist anyone that wants to further their raiding experience that has not had the chance to do so in the past. It will always be an integral part of Sugar Rush to cater for the more social raiders among us, and I would implore anyone that has yet to dip their toe in this side of the game to give us a go - we promise it’s fun!

Contacting Us
Now, if you’re interested in what we offer, and would like to join us, or simply because you like sweet things, please feel free to contact me or one of our senior members for a chat!

  • Hesparax#3442 Discord / Hesparax#2958 Bnet ID
  • Hotoh#9141 Discord / Hoof#2314 Bnet ID
  • Night of Reod#1470 Discord / LemonIsGood#2996 Bnet ID

Stay sweet!


Apart from being incredibly sweet, we’re also quite competent. Lady Jaina is down even on heroic now, and we can’t wait to start our mythic progression! :slight_smile: