[A] <The Hysteria> [8/8HC Uldir] [9/9N 3/9HC BoD]


<The Hysteria>
The Hysteria is looking to Progress as a community and a Team.

We want to progress and see content in a community guild without having a pug, hence the creation of <The Hysteria>.

Guild Info:

Raiding days:

  • Wednesdays: 8.45pm - 11.45pm

  • Sunday: 8.45pm-11.45pm
    Current Progress

  • 8/8 - Normal Uldir

  • 8/8 - Heroic Uldir

  • 9/9 - Normal Battle for Dazar’alor

  • 3/9 - Heroic Battle For Dazar’alor
    Communication : Discord

Currently Recruiting:


  • All Applications will be considered


  • Currently RECRUITING ALL ranged DPS

All applications will be considered, and we always welcome Social players who would like to potentially raid in the future, many of us have alts that we do A LOT with over the course of the week.

Our Etho’s

As a team of players who have played with each over for many years we all agree that it is totally possible to play together and create a community in which we all help each other and enjoying raiding at the same time,

Many of us have been in Hardcore raiding guilds, and have decided that this isn’t the environment we would like to be in anymore - We would prefer to raid on a more casual basis, HC is our Aim and anything else we get is a bonus, our aim of working as a team, is that we can raid in a relaxed chilled but fun experience - and experience the game to its max without any stress of strict raid schedules etc.

What we expect:

  • People who can be social and communicate within the guild and in raids.
  • Someone who can have a laugh but also know whens the time to be serious
  • Be able to help other guildies in achieving things
  • Being able to raid regularly, and be self-sufficient
  • Someone who can Respect the guild and other players, and wear the guild title with pride
    We often have many random nights, Cards against humanity, Bad 90’s Nights etc

Even with all of the random stuff that we may get up to we do all agree there is a time to be serious and common sense is something we do like to have within our ranks.

All Social members are welcome as well :slight_smile:

If you would like any more information please contact me in game.



7/8 hc now!
Actively recruiting anyone willing to contribute :slight_smile:


7/8 Now Still recruiting!

All DPS classes - Need RDPS + Healers


Still on the lookout for a few more for the raid team.


Bump bump up the list


aaaaannd Away we got up the list, Great guild btw, true family like bunch.


Time to bump C’mon enjoy the fun and give us a whisper


Still searching for you heroes.


updated progress…still recruiting


Still here Still looking come a grab a cooking,


Updated: 8/8hc now :smiley:


We are too cool for school


Looking for raiders and socials :slight_smile:


Come join us for bantz and giggles :slight_smile: Also raiding and M+ xD


Fantastic guild, great players, always helpful and welcoming :):grin:


This guild is fun. Discord is always a hoot. can’t wait for raiding to start up again after the Christmas period :slight_smile:


Hey can I still join even if I’m coming more from a ‘social raiding’ standpoint? As in taking NM/HM seriously but more in a trial and error sort of way, what I’m trying to say is that I’m not a progression Mythic raider.
My current main is a demo warlock and was a bit late to the party so I still only managed to pug 7/8 HC (yesterday, haha), I’d like to say that I manage the class and dps pretty well so far.
I can join using Discord but sadly won’t be able to communicate verbally during (most) raids since I usually play in a common room.

It would be this character, not karakara


Getting ready for Battle of Dazar’alor! Looking for more raiders to join us in the battle!


Brilliant guild loads of fun on discord!! If you want to raid next tier and want to have a laugh whilst making progress I promise you won’t be disappointed!! Come and have a chat with us if your interested


Looking for a raiding guild currently playing horde but would quite like to hop over too alliance too find a new home.