[A] <VII> Join an 18 Year Old Mythic Raiding Guild Community!

Hoping to hear from players looking for a mixture of a good community atmosphere and steady raid progression.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Yowshi - tricky#2757

Still on the look-out so make sure to contact Yowshi or myself preferably by adding us :slight_smile:


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Looking for a tank to join the team and help continue our progress 3/9M - add me for a chat - tricky#2757

Still on the lookout for experienced tanks - but all serious applications will be considered :slight_smile:

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Currently 5/9M with KR down soon.

Looking for a tank to join and aid our progression. Looking for a player with good comms, experienced, good raid and boss preparation and someone who leaves their ego at the door. If you think you might be that player, please add me for chat on bnet - tricky#2757.

Information about the guild is available via our forum www. vii.guildlaunch. com

Look forward to hearing from you.


Still looking around for serious applications - particular from tanks who would enjoy mythic raiding on Mekkatorque (38%)

Best regards!

Few month ago we have a chat with you guys. You offered me a spot as DPS DK, but it didn’t work out. However, I noticed that you are currently in need of a tank. Do you consider Blood DK of my kind?

If yes, feel free to add me via Discord: Aivenarion#7438

Hello I’m interested I have added you to btag for a chat if you would like.

Thank you both. Will be in touch as soon as I’m back online Sunday. Thank you for the interest!


Hey matey sent you a friend request interested in tank spot.

Looking for a DPS Warrior, Windwalker Monk and Elemental Shaman to join the team!

All skilled and experienced player applications will be considered regardless of class and spec.

Look forward to hearing from you.

btag: tricky#2757

Hey everyone!

We are still actively looking around for players - in particular a healer or two and a BrM monk.

We of course take everyone serious applicant into consideration - you can contact either me or Yowshi through our b-tag or on our website linked below:


VII are still recruiting! Looking for a healer, a BM monk and a rogue, but all players will be considered!

please message Yowshi - tricky#2757 (bnet) if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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Currently a couple of spots open and we’re in a position where class or spec isn’t really all that important. Rather find capable and competent people looking for a guild offering progress and community - a place to call home.

If you’re currently looking around for an established guild (now in our 14th year), and somewhere where raids aren’t cancelled and happen on schedule, then please add me for a chat - tricky#2757

Look forward to hearing from you.

www. vii.guildlaunch. com

still looking around for any serious applicants - preferably ranged classes but everyone will be considered :slight_smile:

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Got a few spots we’d like to fill and with our roster setup right now, we can be pretty flexible regarding the class and spec you play.

Look forward to hearing from you - btag is tricky#2757

Still looking around for competent and engaged players looking to progress with us on Stormwall (75%) and Jaina to follow!

Add me and Yowshi for a chat!.

Stormwall now sub 50%. We’d love to hear from you. Add either of us for a chat about joining. tricky#2757 / alfonsen#21325

I know you guys aren’t looking for my class/spec atm but if you boys change your mind and open up a lil spot in the near future feel free to hola me - Ret pali :slight_smile:


Thanks for the interest Yoexpectme. I’ll get in touch in game.