A Windwalker Monk Main looking for a Raiding Team


About myself:
I am Akela or as my main monk is called Yuanshi. I am 21 years old from the Netherlands. I have been a Windwalker monk main since the beginning of Legion and I have loved the playstyle ever since. I started raiding Mythic basically as my first introduction to raiding in Legion and since then when I raided I was in a raiding team that was pushing Mythic but not Cutting Edge. I raided Emerald Nightmare till the end of Tomb of Sargeras. I quit raiding then because I had my exams coming up so I thought it would be in my best interest to focus on that first. Once I came back for Antorus my guild was not currently looking for a new member. At the start of BFA my old guild fell apart and merged with another guild, which I joined. I started raiding again in BFA and did them till the end of Battle for Dazar’Alor when I stopped because of a burn out of the expansion. Now I am back to raid again, my raiding team fell apart completely so I am hoping to find a new home.

What I am looking for:
I am looking for a herioc/mythic raiding guild. I know I can handle Herioc and Mythic as well. What I look for in a raiding guild is a raid team that takes raiding seriously but is not afraid to have fun while doing it. I have been in some very silent Discords while raiding and I would really like to have fun. I am also looking for a group to more consistently do Mythic+ with. Most of the time I just hop in and out of groups but a solid steady group to play with would be really nice. I am also interested in PVP a bit, Arenas and Rated BGs. I am not very invested in PVP yet but I am willing to put in some effort.

My preferred raiding times are:
Monday from around 18:00
Tuesday from around 18:00
Thursday from around 18:00
Sunday from around 18:00

I am currently Alliance on Thunderhorn, Thunderhorn is kind of extinct at the moment so I am definitely willing to realm change and even faction change.

Battle.Net: Akela#21880
Discord: Akela#6100

Hey, we dont have any ww monk, so if you like the thread below, we can discuss some more.