[A]10/10hc 3/10M Player looking for raiding guild

Thank you in advance for looking at this post,

Let me start off with some background. I am 2 x 10/10HC and 3/10 Mythic on Horde. I recently played classic and re ignited my love for Alliance. So here I am, I brought my Paladin back from the dead of BFA and have leveled/ slowly geared up. I have noticed that Alliance are a lot more polite and mature than the horde community, I prefer it over horde and I feel like I fit in better than over there, which is why I am looking for a new home to raid now and in the future.

I have noticed that PUGS on Alliance side are a bit lacking, hence I am looking for a fresh start with a raiding guild that is still progressing and into 9.1.

I play all specs well, my Paladin was my first character I ever had at 80 in Wrath and I have kept it ever since. I am looking for a guild that raids 2 times a week.

If you would like more info, please get in touch. I am prepared to move to any alliance realm to join you and I am VERY committed to making this my main.

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Hey man,

Duality is a 4/10Mythic guild looking a mythic raiders. Our main goal is CE this/next tier with all of the raiders wanting to go for that goal.

If you’re interested here’s our Recruitment post. We’d hope to hear from you.

Hey mate, I read that you would like to play Alliance but since what you wrote appealed to me I would like you to consider us anyway, as you can read from this we are a horde guild though.

Tasty Intentions is comprised of long-time WoW players (some of us have been playing since vanilla) we focus on a laid-back, constructive and proactive atmosphere with absolutely no toxicity while raiding “only” 2 days a week. We are aiming for Cutting Edge (if not this tier then in 9.1 at the latest) so we try to spend our raid time as focused as possible while still keeping up a good laugh and some banter on disc :slight_smile:

Here is the link to our recruitment post with further info:

If you’re looking for a heroic guild, feel free to add me on Disc!


I think you’d be a great fit.

Hi Mate,

I read your post and im terribly sadden to see if you think the horde community are not as polite as the alliance.

Heres our recruitment post - If you do reconsider, we would love to have a chat. Add me on battlenet: Psykick06#2401

Nice to see people swapping to the strong side :smiley:

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Hey Disaron :slight_smile:

I’m glad you saw the light and came to the “right” side, haha :smiley:

Anyway, I do think you would fit very well in our guild

We, Dirty Tactics are currently 3/10M Mythic and are looking for people like you man!
The people in our guild is always ready to help you get accustomed to the raiding and community atmosphere :slight_smile:
If you want to have a more in depth talk , feel free to add me :slight_smile:
Battletag is Noahtyr#2396

Hope you have a good day man :slight_smile:

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Hey dude thank you! I have sent an invite on Bnet!