Account suspension for Rename

Hello there,

My account was recently suspended for

“After reviewing your account, I can confirm that you recieved and account action for an inappropriate character name in World of Warcraft. As this has been the third time we have had to action your account for the same name, your account was suspended for 24 hours. More details regarding the action was send in an email to your registered address.”

First of all, it was not forbiden when i picked it. - i can get over this, things change.
Second, I was prompted 3 times to change it (don;t remember first two) , yet after “3 prompts” name is not flagged as inappropriate to avoid the policy violation.

Moreover, names with same prefix or suffix are in other realms and the obvious question is how comes that similar name is widely used and not flagged as offensive?

The bottom-line, why am i banned for for using a named that is allowed and widely used in similar forms?
If the name is not flagged when my suspension pass, how am i wrong in picking it again? it is already widely used.

I am opening this Topic, because my ticket was overlooked, without the slightest intention to actually support the community.

If you repeatedly pick the same name that has been actioned upon, the penalties will stack. I’m actually surprised that they left it at 24h instead of it being longer. You can expect it to increase as it remains on your penalty record without succesful appeals should you get penalised again, the next time you will also likely be asked to provide a list of names, choose from their list of names or worse, get an auto generated name.

Onto your names: If you do not change the reported name and instead pick the same name without succesfully appealing it, they take it as contesting authority.

That a name is not filtered doesn’t mean it’s not deemed inappropriate by the community who reports you. The GM was in agreement with the reports, three penalties in fact.

These names are not filtered retroactively from other player-realms.

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They don’t permit discussion of account actions on these forums, and the forum staff could not override a decision made by the in-game staff anyway.

As i said, is widely used, not an isolated case.

If there are multiple people that do the same mistake, act general by flagging it, not ban nominal. His is my understanding of building up towards a “clean” community.

How about the other characters, are we are wrong and forced to rename? Will be the name flagged. Otherwise i just see double standards.

If the “authority” is the argument, i can very well take my toys and go home :). I have nothing else to add…they too as customer supports; or change signature from Customer support to Authority and live forever i guess.

If others are speeding, without getting a ticket doesn’t mean you’re allowed to speed and not get ticketed.

The remainder is certainly answered in my post above, as Trovlak said generally only a short explanation is given on the forums as it tends to go on a “I seek a reason to justify my behaviour” which we don’t allow on the forums.

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Appreciate your words of wisdom, although speeding is properly defined.

Proper naming can be too, by flagging a name you found 3 times as unappropriated rather than go with nominal ban. Don’t you say is healthier for everybody?

Looking at your name I can see why it’s been reported, you probably think it’s a funny name and a pun on Bulldozer but it is against the naming rules. It’s the first 5 letters.

You should appeal it then if they say it’s ok change it back. Make a holding character and don’t log in on it so that if they do say it’s ok, which I think they won’t, you can delete the holding character and use it again.

Also the rules change with the times. My character Niggles was flagged for a name twice, the first time it was a couple of years ago it was deemed ok but the second time recently they upheld the name change despite me referencing the previous name change appeal tickets.

I think these kind of things are now dealt with by people whose first Language may not be English so they don’t understand the subtleties of the English language.

These sort of things come up surprisingly often. If you can’t see what is wrong with your toon name it is, perhaps, beyond the ability of the fora to help you…

However, as others have stated, it’s Blizzard’s game and Blizzard’s rules. You are - as you state yourself - on your third transgression for the same issue so it’s unsuprising that suspension has been applied. Instead of trying to be ‘clever’ with something that is ‘wildly amusing’ (hint: it’s not), just pick a reasonable name and the problem won’t occur again, will it ?


Authority fanboys everywere. We don;t talk about funny or not.
I trust nickname is not offensive to any culture, religion minority etc.

Moreover the approach of customer support on this matter until now was far from being customer oriented and not even close to problem solving oriented as it was not flagged while i was suspended.

Will log in next time in last day of subscription and I am ready to pick the name again in if not flagged. Also i am prepared to review my experience when i cancel it.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result.

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tell this to whomever prefer to keep banning instead of flagging the offensive nickname.

You’re not getting it. Your name was flagged by several people as being against the rules. It was looked at by support and they agreed. They told you to change your name. Had you just changed your name then there would no problems now. However because you deliberately flouted the rules again, they banned you. If you continue doing this, they could well close your account.
Blizzard’s game, Blizzard’s rules and, if they tell you to do something, it’s a good idea to do it.

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Firstly … your reason for your complaint appears to be that although you keep being reported and flagged as having an offensive nickname, you’re still allowed to create that character name. Your complaint, in a way, is valid because yes, in my opinion, if they deem a name inappropriate, then they should perhaps have that name then plugged into their system so that no new characters can use that name.

But then they’d have a very long list. It’s probably the same reason why they no longer have a page online giving examples of inappropriate names. Inevitably people will make other inappropriate names and then, when flagged, would object because their specific choice wasn’t shown on the list. Some people make it their mission to be deliberately literal, rather than showing common sense.

In this case, you been told your character name has been flagged. That you shouldn’t use it. You then ignore that and use it again anyway “because you can”, and then complain because it must be their fault because they allowed you to make that character again.

That’s like someone going into a shop and stealing a can of beans, getting caught, being told it’s not appropriate to steal a can of beans, and then going right back into the shop the next day and stealing another can of beans … and then complaining because they didn’t have a security guard stopping you stealing.

I’d imagine the next part of the process would be to think of an equally “funny” and inappropriate name, just to see if it was only the beans that caused the berating but perhaps stealing cheese instead was fine.

I realise I probably mangled a few examples there … but trying to explain common sense is hard.

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The reports against the name say otherwise, the things you have to realise is it’s just a name in a game, people obviously find it offensive otherwise it wouldn’t be reported and the report would not be upheld. Just choose something else or the next ban will be longer.

Actually it is, it is oriented towards those who reported you, not your customer experience. They obviously outnumber you.

It’s reported by players when you log in, they may have you on their lists to look for. Some people just like to police names.

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