Account wide essences

I would not mind account bound essence but since I swapped main and had to grind them again I have to say is not that horrible for most of them.
But I would change them further like this:

I would remove the reputation part on Nazjatar and Mechagon one if you have Exalted/revered on your main already. So you only need to farm the currency.

Greatly reduce the Memory exp requirement, because it is too time gated In an outdated zone.

Give enough currency to actually create the rank 3 for 1 spec with just 1 HC EP clear (don’t know if this essence got any changes in how fast you acquire it).

Reduce BotE honor requirement, seriously.

Are u seriously using the ticket system for this? No wonder ppl get 8 day wait time for tickets…


8 days as they got no staff for it anymore not since they automated it before then a few hrs and talking to ppl with a sense of humor, TBC GM’s where fun!


Ion himself said in an AMA on reddit that the only metric they care about is, I quote, “fun playing the game”.

So if we use that quote, which was used in an AMA regarding BFA, we can safely assume that Ion, and his other developers firmly believe that farming essences over and over again is the most fun for players.

Otherwise, they would’ve changed already, right?

Nah the issue is honestly the classic “You think you do but you don’t” scenario.

You think you dislike titanforging, but you actually love it, here let’s “remove” titanforging and add corruptions. They’re inherently different and much less RNG, right?

You think you want account wide essences, but you don’t! Here, let’s slightly lower the timegating for old essences. There you go, we’ve heard your feedback, and we agree!

Were you not warned making a topic on the same thing over and over is considered an offence? By a blue no less. But by all means keep making them

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We are allowed to do polls but we are not allowed to do petitions

its somewhere in all this Welcome, Please Read! - #16 by Aerythlea-2611

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I mean polls that are a part of the forum software, I’ve not seen that so far.

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ok see what you mean that would be a nice system yes :slight_smile:

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then don’t.

while Blizzard do sometimes make changes based on player feedback, they never make them quickly or easily, they are bloody stubborn! considering how close we are to the end of this expansion (last major content patch) I’d be very surprised if they do anything about it, since if Legion’s artifacts are anything to go by the entire system will be chucked out next expansion even while levelling new characters through BFAs content
I really would love to be wrong though

It’s practically free survey data, even if some of the polls made were about the negative thoughts of the game.

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Simple as hell. They won’t do it. Maybe the end of the expansion. Bfa is not alt friendly at all. The whole xpac is designed around grinding and rng. I have alts but i gave up on then. Farmed out rank 2-3 essences once, i wont do it over and over again. Doesnt make sense, just like blizzard in the past 1.5 year :man_shrugging:

But but guys… “You think you want account wide essences but you dont!”


You… need to stop. Blatantly saying you are {expletive} if you do this.

I would cap accountbound essences to a rank 1 or 2 essence. But not 3. 3 has to be earned through the work behind it.

Why. What for.
I already grinded whatever content to get rank 3, why should i do it again?
Should i run again X times the same raid to get the same item for the same essence i’ve already grinded?
Aside from having me play more, what is the point in this? It’s not going to be fun.

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Character progression. Should all your alts leech of your main?

On something brutally generic like the essences, yes.
If the essences were class specific effects, i may agree on not having them account bound, but since those are very very generic, it makes no sense other than force us to grind more.

Personally, i think that pretty much everything that isn’t class specific should be account bound, more “i have a team of char” rather than “i have 4 different toons”.


That completly goes againts what mmorpgs stood for. WoW ia alredy butchered enought and we dont need another system to butcher it even more.

Nah, it is fine as is.

No need to make it account wide.