[A][Eonar] <BEAST> challenges you! Do you have what it takes to..... make fun? :D Join us and experience a fun time with great people!

It does. :slight_smile:

I highly recommend this guild!
If you are looking for an online “family” guild, where you can easily be yourself, learn things at your speed, have fun with a bunch of nice people. This is your guild! :slight_smile:

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Some updates on our guild and recruitment:

Latest achievements in BFA
Our Mythic+ players have achieved mythic+ 10 within the timers for several groups now. Seems we like to push the boundaries, but we do equally like to help our newer players with the easier keystones or normal dungeons even!

BEAST has beaten 6 of the 12 Ny’alotha bosses now and it turns out Fridays and Mondays are very good raiding nights for us, so we intend to continue down this road in Castle Nathria soon.

BEAST has achieved a new milestone last week: more than 100 characters are now in our guild, coming down to just over 40 unique players who all share our guild values very much. Thank you all for making that happen!

BEAST recruitment status for Shadowlands
The goal for BEAST is to connect (in)experienced players to learn, play and enjoy the game together at a relaxing pace. It will remain so in Shadowlands.

Therefore we are always looking for new players who like to learn the game or improve themselves in teams.

On top of that we are also looking to further fill up our raid group with:
Damage dealers:

  • Pretty much every class, but we would like to welcome another:
    – Mage (any spec)
    – Shaman (elemental)
    – Rogue
    – Demon Hunter
    – Paladin
    – Priest (shadow)


  • Paladin
  • Monk
  • Priest

Unfortunately we cannot currently offer a primary tank spot for raiding, but we would welcome people that like to swap between a tank and dps or healer spec quite often.

Are you still in doubt whether you want to have a cooperative, friendly and relaxing guild atmosphere while getting challenging content done too and you don’t have super high ambitions for end-game (e.g. mythic raids, cutting edge/realm first achievements) ?

Consider BEAST!

Happy leveling to you all coming week!

I’ve been playing since Vanilla and been in many guilds. This is a great guild, with a nice range of experience from beginners to very experienced. The atmosphere is friendly, positive and welcoming, so a marvellous place for beginners or experienced players who want to relax and enjoy the game and everything in-between.

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Best guild EU :wink: friendly, helpful and social guild members and a great GM!

Quick update: We are mostly looking for more healers now for some of our events.

As some of our players discovered new challenges and are moving on to a new adventure, we are now open to recruitment for all roles at level 60 again.

Every good fitting player is welcome ofcourse, but in particular for our (normal) difficulty raids on Mondays and Fridays we are now in need of an extra tank and a few healers again.

Hope to hear from you soon!

I’ve joined BEAST a month ago and I can say the guild has a lot of lovely people! There is always someone that says goodmorning/evening and helpful people who wants to help you with a mythic or torghast. I also did some raids and I loved it. We are all players who wants to learn and have some fun in raids! There is no blaming people who did it wrong, just encouragement for the next try!

Like the GM always says at the end of the raid: Ok this is the last try, so that means we will kill the boss! :wink:

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Update on our recruitment status. We are actively looking for:

  • 1-2 tanks for (very casual, but fun!) raids.
  • 4-5 more healers for (again very casual, but fun!) raids.

Ofcourse anyone else who is a good fit for us is always welcome :slight_smile:

Beast is a chilled, laid-back group of people with a wide range of experience and game objectives. Great guild if you are just starting or have a few expansions behind you and are just looking to relax and enjoy the game.

We’ve downed our 5th boss in Castle Nathria last week, but we would like to kill a few more.

If you like a very casual approach to raiding without pressure on time or attendance, where fun comes first and where you get the space to develop your character at your own pace, then please consider sending us an application.

We might be looking for just you!

You can apply via https://beast-guild.enjin.com/recruitment or send an in-game battletag request to Thorck#2781 to get in touch.

Just wanting to give an update on our recruitment.

There is room for a few new faces again in BEAST, mostly on the damage dealer and healers front.

Are you, or do you know, someone who wants a casual and fun oriented approach to raiding without pressure on performance? Joy is he reason we raid: in BEAST we do so because we like it.

If you choose for BEAST then you choose for a place where:

  • you matter
  • fun comes first
  • we group up to beat challenges
  • you can make new friends
  • we all share a passion: WoW

We are about to beat up the last few bosses in Castle Nathria (normal) currently and are slowly moving into heroic raids, while we enjoy leveling more alts and try to beat mythic+ 8 timers occasionally.

Like it? Let us know!

Could I add you on bnet for a quick chat

Hi Elunda, ofcourse you can! My battletag is Thorck#2781

We have just defeated Sludgefist in Castle Nathria and want to beat more bad boss butt with new friends!
We are looking for:

  • Damage dealers!

Do you want a guild where you van learn to play your character better at your own pace, with the support of people who like to play together and don’t judge you for not doing it right?

BEAST may just be your place then.

BEAST has recently cleared Castle Nathria and we’re looking for reinforcements to begin heroic raids.

In the meantime we’ve started to work our way on [Glory of the Nathria raider] as well.

Come get your mount with us and apply to BEAST! :wink:

Hi all, here’s a short update on our recent achievements in BEAST:

  • Defeated 3 heroic bosses so far in CN hc.
  • Successfully completed the [Glory of the Nathria raider] components for Shriekwing, Huntsman Altimor, Hungering Destroyer, Artificer Xy’mox
  • We had our first raid group with 20 players!

Do you want to join the fun, with a friendly and patient group, without pressure and the room to learn and improve? Then talk to us and we’ll look into the possibilities :slight_smile:

Joined the Beast raiding team several weeks ago now after returning from a long break away from Warcraft with the aim to simple enjoy the game rather than raid in a high stress environment and the Beast team is exactly what I was looking for.

In my many years of playing Warcraft I have rarely come across just a great bunch of people just looking to enjoy the game and have a laugh.

I would highly recommend this guild to anyone who is new or returning to the game. These guys have never been to busy to help me and made it all that much easier to pick the game up again from all the changes I have missed since returning.

Thank you guys!

Oh and we have a panda…


Got Artificer Xy’mox in Castle Nathria HC down last night and stole his goods :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a fun guild with much green chat and great people, that get things done in the end, consider us and have a talk with one of us:

  • Thorck#2781 (Guild master)
  • Slimshady#2100 (Main tank & Guild panda)
  • Evelin#21904 (Recruitment support)
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So tonight we went for a rematch against Lady Darkvein Inerva (heroic) and this time we’ve shown her all the corners of the room!

BEAST vs Inerva: 1 - 0 :smiley:, putting us at 5/10 HC kills!

Want to be part of the fun? Don’t hesitate to approach us for a chat.

Particularly looking for a few more healers and a tank for heroic raids.